Snow Cats Cover


People on this forum might be interested in this:

I post AFI covers on YouTube (bass only) and someone hit me up asking to collaborate. Over the last few months we’ve worked on making a cover of AFI’s “Snow Cats” to the best of our abilities. This guy really sounds like Davey in my opinion. What do you guys think?


That’s dead on dude. Awesome.


I gotta say…I’m impressed! :open_mouth: Very nice job!


That sounds really good! And he is very close to Davey, vocal-wise


I was just about to ask if you need a guitarist…damn that was great,the vocal layering,the guitar tones on the accents,dude this is going in my rotation!Nice!


No matter if it’s a full band cover or a bass cover; if it has Athan on it, it won’t be anything less than perfect.

The cover was great, as usual. If I was told this was a demo version of Snow Cats, I would have believed it. The singer sounds like an unmastered version of Davey in some parts. We just need this guy to write the tabs for guitar!


Dude I play guitar and bass, let’s put something together(I can play bsits through burials,working on blood) maybe Athan(very cool name btw) will join in?If not I know of an awesome chick on youtube who might be interested check out her acoustic cover of Days of the Phoenix


@Ksf145 You beat me man! I was going to post that :slight_smile: Jenn is pretty good and she has an amazing voice…her Days of the Phoenix is totally sick :slight_smile: Sadly she doesn’t cover anymore AFI songs…but she has some awesome Rancid and Operation Ivy covers :smiley:


@Pablo You’re the kindest! How you doing bud??

@Ksf145 man…I would love to! Have you seen my channel by any chance? (

We keep saying we need a guitarist… (and a drummer)


Subscribed!I’m like a kid in a candy store playing along with you!I’m totally down to get these recorded and sent to you this will be fun!Do you remember when jade posted what turned out to be torch song intro on his blog?Well back on the old AFI board I transcribed it best I could and some one put it on youtube it’s gone now(Jades version had no audio and turned out it was the background chords of the intro )back then we were so AFI hungry whenever a new album neared the board was the place to be,I’m so glad we have this forum as I’m sure it will be the same.


@Ksf145. Hey man, I think you and I are gonna get along very well. Let’s make this happen. The singer and I have been looking for a guitarist for a while. Most people who claim interest just don’t follow through. PM me so we can make this happen.
Funny you mention torch song, does that track still exist on the web somewhere??


You’re right about that man,PM sent!At the time I recorded torch song I was using my les paul studio and marshall jcm 800 I didn’t have proper equipment so I used my cellphone and texted it to a forum member and they uploaded it,I can try to find the video of jade though.


That’s so awesome I’m glad someone from here heard her,I wish she did more Afi songs,I wish she would do an album of them,not an e.p. haha a freaking album her renditions and vocals sound so great thats the best DOTP cover I’ve heard hands down.


Such a sick cover!! Some parts sound just like Davey. Def tweet this at him or something. I think he’d love to see this.


I knew it wasn’t just me I got a Davey vibe too from her voice,if AFI were to have a frontwoman she has my vote!Good idea on the tweet,I think she posted this year’s ago it would be a shame if no one has already,glad you guys liked it.