Song covers for different instruments?


I’m personally in love with string covers for contemporary music in general, and I love violin/string/piano covers for afi as well. One day I’d really like to “compose” my own violin cover for “A Deep Slow Panic” but that’s a long ways off for my skills.

Are there any good examples, video or audio files you have of afi instrumental covers? I know there’s a string tribute out there that’s pretty brilliant. Any covered afi songs NOT on the typical bass, guitar, drums?


I know there’s a lullaby cover of Girls Not Grey

That’s the only one I can think of…though I can do a mean version of Leaving Song pt 1 on the ukulele. There are couple other songs that work on ukulele (This Time Imperfect, I can almost make Miss Murder work)


Man that lulluby cover is seriously on point. If I were going to have kids that would be on repeat forever lol.