Song covers for different instruments?

I’m personally in love with string covers for contemporary music in general, and I love violin/string/piano covers for afi as well. One day I’d really like to “compose” my own violin cover for “A Deep Slow Panic” but that’s a long ways off for my skills.

Are there any good examples, video or audio files you have of afi instrumental covers? I know there’s a string tribute out there that’s pretty brilliant. Any covered afi songs NOT on the typical bass, guitar, drums?

I know there’s a lullaby cover of Girls Not Grey

That’s the only one I can think of…though I can do a mean version of Leaving Song pt 1 on the ukulele. There are couple other songs that work on ukulele (This Time Imperfect, I can almost make Miss Murder work)


Man that lulluby cover is seriously on point. If I were going to have kids that would be on repeat forever lol.

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I really want to necro this because pls more recommendations! Even if it’s just a really good YouTube cover.

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This video is my muhfuggin jam.
Been that way for ten years.
Show this video on a first date and your’re definitely getting freaky later.

Like 12 years ago someone did a saxophone cover of “Synesthesia” and uploaded it on youtube lol. I’ll see if I can find it.

Edit - here it is!

She actually covered several AFI songs lol.

Oh and she also covered “Silver and Cold” on violin!

Okay that just reminded me of this piano cover of “Silver and Cold” which I love:

Talented fans. :slight_smile:


Holly shit @Vanished Thanks for sharing! That’s awesome! Saxophone is my favorite instrument…which of course I have absolutely no idea of how to play :frowning: The fact that she plays Girls Not Grey and Days of the Phoenix totally made my day! :smiley:


Sorry, idk what is going on. My reply showed as a double post so I tried to delete one but now both are saying “gonna delete.”

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing because I have a special place in my heart for the sax since my grandpa played when he was younger and hearing AFI on the saxophone wasnt something I expected and I love it.