STS Icons needed

Can someone please upload high quality picture files of the STS icons? Thanks in advance.

You getting ready to start another project? I don’t have any but I’m curious on what your up too :+1:

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I wanna burn the icons. I did one already.
[about 8" diameter]


@dnlkdwll it looks beautiful!

I moved this to “Expressions of AFI”, fyi.

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Very cool!! Keep posting pics when you get more done.

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Will do… if someone is kind enough to share the other icons. I’ll probably do the leaves this week if I get the time. Although, this is not a time consuming activity.

I only have this poster, but I can edit and make them bigger. Are you looking for an exact size? I’m making them 500x500 px if that’s okay.


Thanks. I’m looking to be able to print them at 8 inches. I don’t think too much pixelation should be a problem.

Alright guys. Who’s going to be the hero that helps me finish my project? Seriously kicking myself because I had these icons many hard drives ago.
One more down. I only have the leaves left until I can find the others.


That is badass dude.


That’s totally cool :slight_smile:

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especially with the way he has the wood grain pattern flowing with the sky…that is sweet!

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Thanks for the kind words.
Last one for now.


Finished these. Six more to go :smile_cat: Hope I helped. (It looks so awesome so far, btw)



Ready :heart:


Thanks so much! I’m going to try and print these out and see how it transfers to the wood.

PM me your address if you’re comfortable with it. I want to mail you something as a thank you.

These are SICKKK😍 Love them

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Wow these are amazing!

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More to come. I’ve been busy lately but I plan to do some this weekend.

Possibly my least favorite one to do so far. I got bored halfway through and just finished finally.

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