I don’t know what to do for thanksgiving. I’m a vegetarian so while the rest of my family eats turkey I don’t. I tried cooking a Tofurky turkey but it didn’t turn out too good. Any suggestions or recipes would be greatly appreciated!

Hi fellow vegan!! I’ve tried the tofurkey dinners as well, they’re a little temperamental about how long you cook them. A few minutes too long and they get super dry.

I’ve had much, much better luck with the Gardein version of “turk’y”. The stuffing has better seasoning in my opinion

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Good luck!!

As a Mom, I will tell you THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is, you are there.

As for food, you could do Boca Chicken Patty with all the vegetarian sides.

You could do Gardein or Beyond Meat…

As awful as it is for vegetarians and vegans to hear, venison, turkey, rabbit, duck, even meatloaf are not uncommon for Thanksgiving.

So ANY meatless variants or just straight up stuffed Egg Plant is totally acceptable.

In fact, the stuffed eggplant could be stuffed with vegetarian stuffing and roasted. It would be incredible!

I had the Gardien stuffed turky and it was delicious! Thank You :wink: