The Collector's Thread (non-AFI)

Considering there are so many AFI collector’s on this board, I was wondering if anyone collects anything else? If so, Post Your Collections here.

For me, I also variant collect City & Colour vinyl (which is so much easier to collect than AFI!). I have everything but 4 pieces:

I also collect hardcover edition of my favorite comics. Here’s a small piece of everything:


I’m terribly jealous of your comic collection. I love Saga so much.

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Saga is the one of the bests. Majority of my favorites are Image. They’ve had hit after hit these past few years.

I also collect Sex Criminals. I have every printing of each issue plus some rare con-exclusive stuff. I would post pics of the collection but it might a little too NSFW.

I also love Sex Criminals! But I am WAY behind on reading it, just because it’s not something my local library typically carries. Also I love most things by Matt Fraction, and also Kelly Sue DeConnick.

I am way behind on Saga too. I’ve got to get on that at some point.

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Kelly Sue D and Bitch Planet is such a timely comic. Same with Saga.

Saga and Sex Criminals are the only comics I read in the monthly format. I wait for the trade for all others. Although, I may need to add Kill Or Be Killed to my monthly list. Hands down Brubaker & Phillips best. And considering everything they do is perfection, that says something about KOBK.

Going to the library is probably a smarter idea. I am ashamed to admit to the amount of money I have spent on comics. Pretty sure I’ve spent somewhere between $400-500 this month alone.

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The only other thing I collect (used to collect) are action figures, mainly Spawn. Especially series 31, “Other Worlds”. I actually just sold some horror figure sets on ebay for way more than I had imagined.

A Friday the 13th 25th Anniversary set for example, I got $134 for it. I personally did not like the set at all but bought it years ago because it was on sale. I might have paid $20 for it.


Any pics? They are all by MacFarlane Toys right?

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Here’s a few:


As creepy looking as I expected. I don’t know much about action figure collecting but is it common to display things out of their packages? How hard is it for you to find sealed items from 20 years ago now?

In regards to my comic collection, I love Jeff Lemire’s work and have been trying to collect and catch up on his independent stuff. (Sweet Tooth and Descender are his best works IMO.) I just came across this in the Complete Essex County. Seems he is also a fan.


Years after the fact, opening their packages is always something that is regretted. But when you first get the figure and see how cool it is (how it’s shown on the package), it’s hard not to open it.

And sometimes, if I really liked a figure I’d buy two if it was one that I wanted to display.

I collect my chemical romance.and ive really been getting into an avantegarde,noise-pop,indie band xiu xiu.and frank iero and the cellabration.i love katatonia,agalloch,various black meyal,and original 80s goth.chridtian death,the cure,sistets of mercy,bauhaus etc…
she wants revenge are awesome too.h.i.m/h.e.r. of course.n.i.n,nirvana.and a bunch of other weird stuff underground and above.

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I be got a Japanese MCR three cheers for sweet revenge promo CD recently.and 1 track headfirst for halos UK CD.I lost the bid on vampires will never hurt you and that sucked.I’ve never seen it for sale.but oh well.maybe I’ll get another chance one trying to get all the early singles on cd.and all versions of the first two albums,and all holy grail may have to be vampires will never hurt you promo CDR ,or the venganza bullet vest with the memory stick video love to obtain those items without trading my soul.because there would have to be a lot more money involved and a black sts and black crash love,ap ep CD.and lifetime concerts and transportation w backstage pass…etc…for the soul…lol