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@LordOfTheLeftHand question: how were they packaged? It almost looks like there is green tape around the edges? Are the records in a sleeve?


All the records there are green taped directly on the edges. I’d guess this is to mark it as part of the collection and discourage people from stealing the valuable stuff, but I didn’t actually ask about it.


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Awesome!If you need or want more photos I’m totally taking a trip there(max rock n roll archive)
in the next day or two I must see this!Thank you Lordofthelefthand for sharing


@4ibanez don’t let me down! Post your story and a photo of yours! :slight_smile:


@LordOfTheLeftHand FYI thanks to you I’ve reached out to Maximum Rocknroll archive and Miranda sent me a story and photo (not sure why it went sideways) of their copy of the Dork and how they got it! It sounds like the band actually gave it to them upon release! This would be an awesome question to ask a bandmember in person as I show them our own “Dork List” from my phone … lol. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would assume Geoff/Key Lime sent it to them for review when it came out. That’s how MRR gets most of their records. Cool that they got back to you.


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Check this out!


Nice!I’ll mention the site when I take the tour to see the originals,I hope to include that in the footage. @STORMS were getting shout outs here and there and projects like Year One,this is growing and its very exciting,once people see the advert this will be the go to for AFI message boards.Awesome job dude


That’s super cool! Awesome that Maximum Rocknroll is helping us promote the Dork List :smiley: Hope we can get more and more people to add to the list! :smiley:



Bless your soul I wish to reach your level of attainment


Sorry for the huge delay. So many priorities these days!

I got into AFI back in 2002 after hearing their ridiculously good song on the Short Music for Short People compilation (man that’s an amazing record)! I took a chance on the Art of Drowning, as it was the latest album and I loved the artwork. And the rest, as they say, was history…but here’s a condensed chunk of it about collecting for the ‘Dork Lists’!

I started collecting AFI sometime in 2006 when my obsession had reached total fanboy status. I grew a carbon copy of Jade’s hair and everything :joy:! Originally my aim was to try and get hold of all the b-sides, so buying the singles on eBay etc.

One day I stumbled across Alli & Ixnay’s AFI Series site. The discography just blew me away - so many rare treasures… muuuuust own! Every day for a year 1-3 parcels would show up and it was like xmas every couple of days when something really cool showed up - it was f*cking addictive!

At this point I was studying and working part time, and some months I’d be spending more than I was earning (actually most months). I thought things would peak with The Days of the Phoenix EP, which I needed for A Winter’s Tale. This beauty was frequently selling for £100+ at the time (this was before some asshole in China flooded eBay with pretty convincing bootlegs - the prices never recovered). But things with my AFI collection just kept escalating… I got something like 20+ different versions of STS and the same for DU, because they came from different countries! It was almost as if getting all these records, albums, singles and promos was somehow needed to prove how much I loved AFI - madness!!

My first Key Lime Pie record was the 1st pressing of the Behind the Times EP (1/400) - I worked at least one 10 hour night shift at the Supermarket to pay for that (I don’t remember the crappy wage exactly). I’ve still gotta say now, it was worth every minute of filling chiller cabinets with butter and yoghurts to the tunes they play on Kiss at 3am! I’m pretty sure an Eddie Picnic 1st press came within a couple of months - even nicer because of the pink vinyl and rarity (mine is #105/200).

I’d seen a couple of Dork EPs come and go on eBay, including a promo copy that sold for $1,700 if memory serves… I was 19, and there was no way I could afford that! Finally another regular Dork showed up, and this time I was poised! As the final few seconds counted down, I emerged from the shadows like a ninja and struck (bid: $700, place bid, then with 4 seconds left cover eyes, grit teeth, confirm bid. Actually that wasn’t very ninja like at all). Like usual, the price rocketed a bit at the end, and when I refreshed the page after the carnage I couldn’t believe it - I’d won! It shouldn’t have been a massive surpirse, cos that motherload of cash was the going rate at the time - and it’s even more now! It must’ve shown up after 1-2 weeks of twitching the blinds everytime the postman came up the street. Somehow there was no import fee to pay, and it just crashed through the letterbox one day like any other rubbish!

About 6 months later, it was revealed that a number of bootlegs had been sold on eBay (allegedly by one of the former memebers of Loose Change). Some guys who at the time had much bigger collections, and more knowledge had been caught out. I had no idea if mine was another one, although I already ascertained it had come from a different seller. I checked the etchings, and was massively relieved that I’d got the real deal. Phew! As we know, there are even rarer bits out there, and being an über nerd I do hold some of them with more value personally (test pressings to be specific). But it’s certainly hard to beat the iconic status of Dork EP!

Anyway - here it is 25 years later, still in great condition… thanks for reading!



This took me way too long to get done, but I finally updated the list.

@4ibanez THANK YOU! BTW what state do you live in?


I’m in the UK. Over 8 years since AFI did a tour as headliners :triumph:


I know one person who has a dork And I have one being shipped out to me tomorow


I’m angry due to jealousy, but please update me with everything required in the first post!

Have that other person sign up here, Jacob! :slight_smile:


@insectpins Did you sell a Dork a couple of weeks ago?



I hope not.


Nah, still got it. Trying to pay off some bills.