The upcoming album

“We’ve been working on a new record. Davey and I sat down for a long time putting together the song list for it, and it’s really exciting. I don’t know if it’ll be out by then, but I think hopefully at least a couple of songs will be. I’m excited for people to hear it and see what the reaction is. It’s an eclectic record, and I’d much rather put something out there that’s a little bit left-of-centre rather than do something expected.”

  • Jade himself, in this article. So we’re definitely getting something new in the coming months. I’m glad he said this record is eclectic and a bit “left of centre” because even though I enjoyed Blood, it did get pretty samey in certain spots.

Just saw this too! Maaan I’m so stoked!My four blood album variants are arriving today too
Jade hoping a few songs will be out by July when the 2000 trees festival is supposed to happen,if we do get blessed with a song in July maybe album in October or Q4 2020.Either way totally worth the wait

I see new album and I get so excited not only for new music, but also for a TOUR!!! Something to look forward to in these dark times!


Considering The Missing Man is one of my favorite EPs from AFI… I’m very much looking forward to this.


Hope this gets released sooner than later. Could really use something positive right now.

Curious what an AFI electric album will sound like :thinking:

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I am really excited for the new album!

Repost sorry bout thatearlier. But I love break angels.what made this you favorite ep @storms? I’m never have this a deep.spin but now.I’m intrigued with your feed back.
Does anyone know if they’re tracking demos yet or is it just jade and davey in the early stages

If anyone discover something new about the new album please share, I think tomorrow we will have something

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What makes you say that?

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We have nothing today and now I’m crying while listening to “The Interview”.
Are you happy with yourself JXC?

(I kid.)

Sorry amigo!! I tought because a post in AFI NEWS HQ, but I dont lose the faith in this days we’re getting something! I feel that!! While that happens let’s listen room 309!


Davey will be on two diff Instagram lives tonight check his Twitter

I was gonna say this too. The Missing Man definitely had me wanting more even though I don’t really like Back Into the Sun.

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Well, I’ve been reading that this album’s been delayed due to COVID-19, which is a fucking bummer. Apparently, it’s all done and is just not being released yet. It would’ve been out this month if it weren’t for the pandemic. Honestly, I just kind of want them to release it anyway. Plenty of other bands have released new albums over these last 5 months. Plenty of bands have also done livestreamed shows. A new album and a livestreamed show would be pretty badass…

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Jeez, it’s been a while since I posted last on this board. Honestly, I haven’t listened to this band in years. Maybe it’s because of the isolation of the pandemic era or whatever, but I’d been listening to some of the band’s interviews - this one included - and hearing their voices has been quite comforting. Have to say, I do miss it.

Anyway, there’s definitely some bands for whom releasing an album without a tour would make sense. (Nine Inch Nails comes to mind) I don’t know that AFI isn’t one of those bands. The live experience is such a huge part of what makes AFI special, especially considering, it’s never just a show or an album cycle, it’s a full on family reunion, it’s the party before every show, it’s the cross country trips, the fan craft projects, etc. For musicians, that’s not necessarily something easily created outside the live setting. Maybe I just don’t want people to miss out on the full AFI package, but putting a new album of stuff meant to be played live doesn’t work.

Unreleased stuff from the backlog, on the other hand, would be a smart idea. Even if the songs were played on a low quality live stream. Composer Charles Ives described the publishing of his songbook as a way of “clearing house”. In that spirit, clearing house on some unreleased stuff. would certainly get the fans euphoric without the pressure of having to relive those half-ideas on stage, as Davey always seems loath to do.

Or if nothing else, there’s always Blaqk Audio keeping Davey and Jade busy.

Everything sucks on all levels now, but the band seems to be adapting, in their way. I’m just glad they’re happy and safe.


NIN shows are as good (or better) than AFI’s. Many AFI fans believe AFI is different or has more privileges than any other band, I don’t know why.

Hopefully the album will be released this year.
Because right now we need something to cheer us up.
Listening to the new songs would save the year! :weary:

I hope you all are fine and that nobody is affected by Corona!


Will be very happy when the pandemic is over so they can tour again. They put on great shows.

I look forward to the new album