There will only be 100 of these signed lithographs at Red Rocks Amphitheater on the 27th


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If you’re going to the AFI show on 07.27.17, you could be the proud owner of a very limited, signed, lithograph. The lithographs are designed by the famous Linas Garsys. These lithographs will be available at the Morrison, CO show. If you need tickets, click on the tour date in this link.

According to Linas himself…

Signing and shipping these pretty ladies off to red rocks first thing in the morning. 18x24 4 color prints in black frenchs paper printed by @pizzapartyprinting

He also states that there will only be 100 of them available. My only real suggestion to you if you want one: Don’t tell anyone you know about this and be early to the show. Other than that - good luck!



They’re so pretty. Hope someone here gets one.


Linas accused me of yelling at him on Instagram, LOL.


Hahahaha OMG. These are gorgeous, though, and only rubs salt in the wound that I can’t go any more. sigh I need new friends. LOL


Oh, I should note that I asked him in all caps “WHERE WERE THESE SHIRTS AT SAYREVILLE”. It was his post that had the shirts with this design on them. I mean, damn… if they were at the NJ I would have definitely gotten one.


They didn’t have them at any of the shows I went to, so…


My haul from red rocks. This was all I really wanted. I’m #7 of 100.


Nice! I have #41/100 and a T-shirt! :heart:️:cherry_blossom:


I’m mainly jealous of the shirts, but I would’ve definitely gotten the same!


Let me tell you, I have basically worn nothing else except to wash this one. It’s sad lol. But it means a lot to me. I’m excited to have the lithograph because I’m really a fan of the artist, and the AoD art and music is my favorite, so it’s nice to have something from it’s creator that also reminds me of my favorite music.


Yeah, with how limited those shirts were… be proud. :slight_smile:


It seems they were selling unsigned/unnumbered ones as well.


Turns out not. Just super subtle on the numbering and signature. I got 58/100