This forums future - thoughts

I made a Patreon to help with the following:

So, I currently pay about $25 monthly for this forum, which is not bad at all. Ads hjelp with that, of course. However, I would like to take us to the next level with a few upgrades. In order to do this properly, I would like to advance us to a “Professional Plan” that would cost $40 monthly.

Let me say that I feel like this forum software is where our community needs to be… I have forum experience of almost 10 years and these forums are amazing, simple… and modern… I mean, these were BORN on mobile while virtually all other platforms are trying to adapt to mobile.

Anyway, I’m totally new to Patreon so bear with me. Members can also PayPal me via also.

I’m not pressuring anyone into donating - just being honest and open with the direction I’d like to go.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks


You don’t have to ask me twice! :smiley: Although a small contribution I’m willing to help no matter what :slight_smile: This forum is awesome and filled with wonderful people…so I’m happy to state that I’m the very first Patreon :wink: Long live the forums! :smiley:

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Not a lot, but I can spare a couple bucks each month. It’s been so great to have a community to escape to.

Also, I saw on your youtube channel you uploaded a vid from Asbury Park. Were you there? I was upfront so we must’ve been right by each other. Crazy!


If anyone else is willing to give even just a few dollars a month to help cover server fees, I’d appreciate it.


As of now, we have 3 contributors @ $9/month


Ill up my montthlycontribution.Thank you for paying the fees all that time,that adds up and it was beyond cool of you to do for us.
What do you think of us doing our own DFClub package would anyone wanna try again?,also what happened with the podcast idea if i recall correctly?It sounded awesome and id be down to help

We, at MFI, support you 110%. Just donated, hope it helps



I’ve been temped to close this website due to activity and cost. However, I was wondering if anyone else could also assist via this Patreon? Currently, about half of the monthly cost is covered ($9).

I would greatly appreciate it, especially with a new album coming…

Unfortunately, I’m looking to close this forum due to inactivity and support, Thanks to all who have supported this website, but it’s not an added expense for me that is not seeming to be worth it or practical at this point.

Everything is “FREE” through “social media” so, unfortunately that’s the only way we’re able to have a community I guess.

Bummer, but probably makes sense with the lack of activity around here. Thanks for all the work you put in over the years.

Maybe see you guys on /r/afireinside sometime or something.

Sadly, I’ve cancelled the domain and server.

Thanks to everyone who tried with me.

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That sucks. Was a valid attempt at reigniting things. But things have definitely trailed off over the last year or 2.

So yeah… I wanna give this another go.

I may need some help getting the word out, if you all don’t mind.


It’s back?? I thought it was strange to shut down right before the new album cycle started. Try promoting on reddit.

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Just made a few appearance changes… :slight_smile:

Covid didn’t help this either but with the new wave of df signups now and spreading the word to the newer df fans could see a surge in activity prob is a lot of old df members can be snooty and because it’s not the old official forums turn their head In the air. I’ve always loved having this place to escape to I’ve just been super busy to even log in past 2 years

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Almost forgot my login info…sorry I haven’t been around, I’m still unemployed (over a year now) thank to COVID so I have no expendable income at all. I was sad when you deactivated the site @STORMS but it made sense at the time I think. Glad you decided to give it another try though! I’ve been listening to AFI and thinking about them a lot the last week or so. Love them so much still…

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@Ksf145 @Snobgrass

Giving you both a proper shoutout, hoping to hear from you again.

Happy to support. Although it’s not much, I hope it helps!

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Thank you so much!!!

Here I am Brother! Glad to see this back up. Site looks awesome! Missed all you guys!

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