Hey everyone,

As most of you know, this forum has been a fan-driven project for me for years now. Today, I was more honored than anything, but I was contacted by AFI’s management due to some confusion over these forums and getting the presale codes. I have since replied to them with details, but I wanted to make it clear to everyone that we are NOT OFFICIAL, unfortunately. I am humbled and honored if anyone felt that these forums were official… I would love them to be, but we currently are not.

I am also NOT sorry for helping those who have reached out to me for the presale codes and I have asked all of you to first verify that you’re DF before sharing the code with you and asking you NOT to share it. For example: @paulM89 I’m glad I was able to assist you with your LA tickets!

So, with all of this said, please don’t let it discourage you from using these forums just because we’re strictly a “fan-forum”. That you all for signing up… THIS IS THE REASON I MADE THESE FORUMS! :slight_smile:

Thank you


Did their management ask you not to share the code?

No, they mentioned that apparently some fans were under the impression that if you signed up here or even contributed through the Patreon link that you’d get access to the code… which is totally false and not presented that way anywhere or in any way: (NOTE: Only 1 person pledged a $10 Patreon on 6/21 but they also cancelled this)

Several fans have reached out to us under the impression “” is the official Despair Faction site, and that membership to the site and/or its patreon grants them access to today’s DF presale.

^ Gotta be honest… I was honored when I read this. Meaning, that fans thought we were official.

I told them that I have been sharing the code, but ONLY after they’ve proved that they were DF. I even sent them a screenshot and I haven’t heard back since.

A bit of my response to them:

I apologize for any issues this has caused, but at the same time I’m proud to be a destination for these fans, including myself.


“I apologize for any issues this has caused, but at the same time I’m proud to be a destination for these fans, including myself.”

Big Damn Hero

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I for one appreciate you @STORMS for creating this space and for spending time out of your life to manage it. Honestly who cares if it’s not “official” the people that come here and post and talk are what do that. I don’t know what that “big damn hero” shit is about though.


And yes, I’m no hero, but I felt good kinda “telling off” AFIs management team with that though, especially considering that they have not and likely will never recognize us. It’s been frustrating to the point where I truthfully do not care anymore.

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