"This is Berkeley, Not West Bay" record release show from 1994, earliest AFI footage?


TheSecretNinja337 on YouTube recently uploaded what is possibly the earliest show caught on tape. This footage is from a standing VHS recording camcorder to the left of the stage, capturing the entire band and parts of the crowd. You see Davey dance and sing on the floor like never before. I have personally never seen this particular footage before, so this is very exciting. Davey’s attire even matches up to the cover of the “This is Berkeley, Not West Bay”.

*In fact, Davey states the record release show near the beginning.


Was this one of the shows that @Pablo uploaded a white back?


I don’t know? If this was ripped from another channel, I definitely wanna know so I can switch them out.


I meant on the AFI subreddit. I’ll check to see what I have on my computer.


I’m TheSecretNinja337, haha.
The correct date is Dec 16 1994, and as Davey states, it was the record release show.
I uploaded this show in a two cam mix version, soundboard audio recording. Crystal clear quality.


Yes, o uploaded both shows on the subreddit!


That is sick. Thanks for posting it!


I’ve listened to this show before but I’m not sure I’ve ever watched this whole video. If I have, I somehow missed Geoff sneaking in a little bit of the bassline from The Offspring’s “Crossroads” right before “We Bite”, and Mark kind of laughs and waves him off. I bet all kinds of cool weirdo covers happened back then at practices and house shows and stuff. Bummer that that stuff probably wasn’t documented.


Awesome video thanks


You’re welcome. The download links for the DVD are in Reddit. If you can’t find them, let me know!


I’m just happy this was a legit post. :slight_smile:

Meaning, it sounds like this whole video was new to most of us.