This is quite possibly my best work so far. Here's my cover of "The Leaving Song"



it took my brain a minute to be like…hey, wait…that doesn’t…

May I ask what kind of bass that is though? It’s so pretty.


Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s a Warwick Corvette Std. Hands down my favourite one in my collection. Wanted one for almost 15 years before I finally picked one up.


This is a proper April Fools joke


I salute you @acondax

Cheers to what @dnlkdwll said


LOL That was awesome! And I actually watch until the APRIL FOOLS part of the video… :frowning: I was like wondering…doesn’t Hunter does something in this song? :slight_smile:


Mine was ruined with an early spoiler


Meh. Some people can’t take a joke. I thought it was funny even if a little mean.


Didn’t forget you my friemd,I got my interface just need a laptop I’ll be buying used this week,I’m on tablet there’s no USB plugs.then we can get to work.I recall Jade saying he used a vox ac30 with a slight split of the bradshaw marshall plexi modded,He also used a telecaster to get that jangly sound,when I set down with Andy ernst I’ll get as much info as possible,if you want me to relay any questions feel free I’ll do that