This looks like a self-made CD, what the heck is this


This thing can’t be real.

I know about AFI: A History, but this looks like it’s hot off a home printer.



Do not buy it, I did a few months. Its a bootleg. I can post pic’s if needed. This guy has multiple copies. I called him out on it but he said they came from another “collector”…BS.


Props to @Snobgrass looking out.


Post pics anyway. I’m curious.


I’m out of town until Monday, I’ll throw some on here once I get home.


Posting a reminder for the curious.




I feel like I’ve seen this on Ebay over the years. Always thought it looked whack.


These could be legit. I know CDs with this exact tracklisting were made in-house to familiarize people at Dreamworks with AFI.


I’d say it’s unlikely. No one has seen (or remembered) seeing one of these until very recently. Back in the day when promos were trading all over the place these were nowhere to be seen. If they were a legit promo, they would have almost certainly appeared before now.
If it was an in house thing, then it’s not really anything more than a personal mix tape


it’s cute. At least through in some drawings on your cheap ass card stock. :tipping_hand_woman:


I have seen this CD before but only as pictured on user ‘Andrea.fi85’ profile on Instagram. Their picture dates back to 28th June 2016 -

That said it looks like it’s now showing as sold on eBay anyway, last week 10/12/18 for £64.19 ($80.99) !!!

I’d happily still buy this but wouldn’t pay anything like that kind of money for it! I picked up the ‘Selections from the Past’ CD which is another very suspicious looking promo but only paid $9.99 for that one on Discogs. That CD actually looks half decent, if anyone wants to see pictures of that I’ll post them up. :+1:t3:


Yeah, I’d probably still grab it. Wouldn’t pay much for it though.


Here’s that other CD -