This week lets do a b-side! Anyone a fan of "Now The World"?

In my never-ending quest to cover as many AFI songs as possible, I tackled Now The World this week as requested by some people. What do you guys think?


Excellent shirt choice :smiley:

I wondered whey they sell the mirror inverted shirts :rofl:

Now The World is a super fun song to play. Good job!

It’s rare to see AFI modulate between 3 different keys (4 if you count Gb and Ebm in the bridge) in the same piece of music. I know songs in 2 different keys is frequent (much more during the Black Sails-Art of Drowning era), and mode mixture is pretty common but I can’t think of any song in their repertoire that jumps between that many tonalities.
I’d like to see them do more of that, and maybe even go further.
Good cover! Reminds me of when I tried to learn every At the Drive-In song and every Smiths song on guitar. It really does sharpen your chops.
Oh, what you should cover next? How about Hidden Knives? Or if you’re feeling something slower, maybe No Resurrection or Feed From the Floor?

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I just spent some time watching a lot of your videos and I like hearing you play. Hunter always had totally sick bass lines, especially on Drowning and Black Sails. Could you do a video of The Prayer Position? There’s no bass cover for it on youtube yet and I would love to hear it

Oh, and by the way - I saw where you uploaded a “cover” of The Leaving Song. I was like “Seriously? There’s no fucking bass in that song…”

But I watched it anyway. You asshole. :rofl:

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I know this is an older thread, but that’s awesome! Had to comment. I’ve always loved the bass and you did a great job with this. I don’t play myself unfortunately, so this is not an expert opinion, but I really enjoyed that :grinning:

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Thanks for giving this thread some life/love. :slight_smile:

I miss these weekly videos

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@Everyone: thanks guys!

@Pablo : I’ll be posting videos again within about 3 weeks from now. I’ve been away for work for a while. My guitars are in the shop getting some love and care. I have about 4 tracks that are almost ready (and one or two of them were requests of yours).


Amazing! Thanks heaps!

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