Thoughts on new blaqk audio ep?! 🌴

I love it. It’s faster paced than OTWL, 1948 has a dreamy outro, hiss makes me wanna dance. This is was perfect surprise gift to lift my mood during this dumpster fire of a year. Thank you jade and davey :black_heart::palm_tree::black_heart:

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After one listen, definitely digging “Zipper” and “Hiss”. “Hiss” reminds me of “The Witness”.

Gonna need to wait for the other half of the album to say how it compares to their others overall.


just caught this today and it lifted my spirits in a way i cant even explain!Distant light is a BANGER!

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I’ve been listening nonstop the past two days, this is definitely my favorite BA release so far. I like the fast energy, the synth, the moodiness (especially 1984 and that piano outro!). Can’t wait for side B on aug 21st :grin:

Hiss is my current favorite, the chorus and jades production is unbelievable. The only song I’m not super obsessed with is zippers. It’s fun and catchy and reminds of a refined and polish bright black heaven song, but BBH is my least favorite ba album.

I agree this release is up there,it grew on me so fast!What was your favorite release prior to this if you dont mind me asking?Im feeling them all distant light,consort,1948 with that outro on 1948 im wondering how that flows into side B,thats gonna be cool.Anyways this was an awesome release and im loving it!Didnt know till you posted about it,Thanks!

Absolutely stunning release! Can’t wait for side B. Loving that they are releasing A & B separately. Impeccable timing as always, thank you Davey & Jade!!

Album release day. “Bird Sister” is the new favorite.

Cool video too. The imagery reminded me of the end of Hereditary.

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I did not enjoy this album. Out of the 11 songs, I enjoyed 4 tops. A Distant Light is brilliant, but as a whole, it sits at the bottom of my list.