Thoughts on the new DF ornament?


Check your emails if you haven’t already. I just wanted to see others thoughts on the ornament. If I get it, it will only be because it’s DF… I would not be putting it on my tree. Between cats and kids… it would get destroyed, lol.

I would like to k own how it’s packaged. It would he nice to nice if i could set it displayed someone while still in the package.


Nice and festive. Actually fairly reasonably priced, but factor in shipping to the uk and it kills it really. That and it if I did want to put it on my tree It wouldn’t make it in time for this year


I just couldn’t. It’s kind of the ultimate generic marketing grab. I don’t blame the band, I’m sure a million other bands merch shop has an identical copy.


Out of stock already…and no surprisingly…anyway…I didn’t want to buy it because while I love to buy everything AFI or DF I just don’t want to throw my money at them :slight_smile:


Surprisingly, I didn’t get it… normally I buy the DF stuff without thought, but not knowing how it was being packaged made me hesitant.

Plus, I bought every variation of The Missing Man bundles…


So I bought it, but I don’t think I’ll take it out of the packaging other than to look at it. I’ll definitely put a review up once it’s here.:blush:


Please do. I slightly regret not buying it immediately now but yeah… I was concerned about how its packaged.

Thank you @Tetrona


I’m equally sad and just fine that I missed out on it to be honest.

Yes, there is the thrill of having something collectable, but I’m an artist, and this isn’t anything I couldn’t have made myself or better if I wanted a look alike that was unique to me. So I dont value it as much.

All the same, had I got there soon enough I probably would have gotten it (and put it up for xmas!) But it’s money i didnt need to spend and I’m not super broken up about it.


It just arrived today! This was wrapped pretty well in bubble wrap. Glad I got it for the collective factor, but it’s nothing super special. :slightly_smiling_face:


FUUUUUUUCK… I want it.


Have to agree with you…seeing “live” is another thing…that looks awesome! :smiley:


@Tetrona with that being said, I’m putting you as “Verified DF”.


I bought it mainly because of how limited it is. Not crazy about the design. I got the email while traveling abroad and the website wasn’t working for me so I thought I was going to miss out! I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t sold out the next day when I got it to work!


Question… was this not actually limited to the DF? Just realized it’s on the main web store… kind of weird it was available to everyone.


DF exclusive link, but then with it being a Top Seller I think it became visible to others, but can’t confirm.


I don’t think it was on the main webstore until it sold out anyway, but the e-mail did say exclusive.