Through Our Bleeding We Are One

Oh hey!
I missed this.
How’s everyone been doing?
How many copies of Bodies did you order?
Which ones?

Also I need a DF copy, anyone snag an extra?

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hi! :slight_smile: i’m doing well! i haven’t ordered yet but i’m probably gonna get the target cd with the patch and maybe a couple vinyls, i’m probably gonna wait for the vinyls though just in case some other sold out variants get resold or anything like that :slight_smile:

Hey man, welcome back!

I’ve ordered the Target exclusive and nothing else… yet. I also missed out on the DF vinyl… only because I wasn’t feeling the music at the time of listening, but it has really grown on me.

Note to self… always buy the DF exclusives… :slight_smile:


Doing fine…moving to Ottawa next month…haven’t ordered anything yet :nerd_face: guess I need to settle down first :grin:

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I got the Revolver Records Vinyl version, the Website Exclusive Vinyl, the Standard Rise Records Ghost vinyl edition, the Australia Rise Records Vinyl edition, the Box Set which comes with its own exclusive vinyl edition and exclusive 7”s, The Target exclusive CD with the patch. And all the 7”s that have been released for the singles.


Anyone grab the Souvenir Jacket with the new DF signup offer?

I did.

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Wow on the vinyl… good stuff! I reacted too late on the boxed set and DF version.

I actually have TWO jackets coming… only because I ordered the M at first and decided I’ll probably need a small…

Wow man! A bit obsessed? Or maybe just filthy spoiled rich? Ha!

Not rich by any means. But I’m an avid vinyl collector. And I always get AFI stuff when it comes out. I always get two of whatever record they release. Been doing that since the band started. I have all the original presses of every record they’ve released. And I try and get as many variants as I can.
As far as being obsessed? I mean… I wouldn’t quite use that word. Though AFI are one of my most favorite bands, if not my favorite band.
I was one of the first 100 members of the original DF. And over the last 25+ years I’ve had the pleasure of working with them many many times. Seen them prob 100+ times. So much that I have the privilege to call them friends.
That said… I’m surprised at the idea that the people in this group aren’t at least mildly obsessed, so to speak. DF was and is a fan club after all. And to learn that most of you haven’t ordered the record yet or maybe weren’t sure if you even liked the songs.
I mean… are you even fans?
Is this not the DF??!

Anyway. What do I know.
Maybe you all just rather stream it on Spotify.

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If anything, I’m just jealous.

You mentioning about being the first 100 DF… same here! Remember when we crashed their servers when they launched the DF?

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