Two more reviews for AFI's "The Blood Album" by DyingScene and 411


AFI’s the Blood Album has been out for months and the reviews of this album are still flourishing. With AFI being on their Blood Tour (currently about a 3 week off period before they start up again with Circa Survive) there’s no surprise that there are more reviews. To any AFI fan, The Blood Album has exactly what we’ve been thirsting for since their last album, “Burials”.

First DyingScene, gives AFI a 4/5 for their latest album:

Also, 411Mania gives AFI some feedback on their album, plus lists AFI on their “Best Albums of 2017 (so far)”:

The one comment 411 makes relates to the band’s concern in years past about putting too many songs (more than 12) on the album(s):

There are simply too many tracks here that feel tossed off and underdeveloped despite their inherently catchy nature.

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That second review was good but, at the same, weirdly double edged. That first review was hysterical.


The second review I do respect though, as even AFI has stated before that they often put too many songs on a record.

On another note, I’m getting heavy into Burials again. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was just reading it from an editing stand point; I just didn’t like the writing. Haha. They do often put a lot on the record, but I like those raw, underdeveloped moments; overall they’re north great reviews.

Burials is AMAZING. I wish I had seen them more on that tour. I only saw them once, primarily because I was elbows deep into my first semester of my masters program and was slowly losing it over my projects. That album is so raw both lyrically and musically.


Yeah, real-life happens and yeah… it sucks looking back sometimes.

However, track 4 on Burials, “No Resurrection” is one of the only songs on that album that do not hit me still. Meaning, I sometimes skip it… it’ll have to grow on me.


I was that way with it for a while. It finally hit me about 6 months into its release.


LOL! I’m glad it’s not just me.

Btw Ether was in my head tonight. Another great song.


I really can’t hate any AFI song, tbh.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure this would be against the AFI code. :slight_smile:


I met some people who hate- with a passion- the entirety of “Crash Love,” which is so sad. But, yeah, it should be against code. :wink:


That’s ironic because after listening to it again recently for a week straight I forgot how much I loved that album.

I tell everyone who I speak to about AFI in person with that I am super-bias. I admit it up front.

I’m still on Burials… fucking Sinking Night.


Sinking Night is amazing. That song is one of the most amazing intros to an album.