UK fam, 2000 Trees

I mean there is literally no chance this is actually gonna take place. But still, there’s a flicker of hope.

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Uuuugh we’re under mandatory self-quarantine where I live until May 15 AT THE EARLIEST. First it was March 31, then April 30. They keep pushing it back. Wanted to see a band I really love next weekend but of course they were forced to cancel, and said they were aiming to reschedule for June or July. Really I doubt we’ll see any concerts or any other events (like sports, etc.) until the end of the summer. Kind of surprised this show was booked unless it already was a month ago and they didn’t announce it until now. Really uncertain times we’re living in…

Yeah, they’ve said until around April 14th here. Which is never going to happen. For starters lockdown measure were only fully implemented over the weekend, so that’s 4-6 weeks before the full effect of that shows a dip in the number and severity of cases. Realistically will probably be well into may/Jun before they think about relaxing stuff, and then who knows before allowing big gatherings can happen again. Couple that with the fact that even if they do relax everything there is no chance in hell that any flights are going to be allowed in from countries still dealing with the infection

I’m currently meant to be at Disney land in Paris, have had a family trip to Scotland to spread my grandads ashes in April postponed, and 3 or 4 gigs cancelled or postponed. Totally sucks. But I’m healthy, alive and that i am forever thankful for.

UK fam!
Looking for the poster from Leeds Josephs well 1999.
This was my first AFI show, and maybe the bands first tour over here?

Is their a gig poster archive on here?