Unapproved Blood Album merch concepts?


I’ve come across these twice now when searching for Blood Album. If these were in fact “unapproved”, it makes me wonder why. They’re decent designs. They hoodies may be a little loud, but they would definitely sell…



I like them! :rose:More roses!


Yeah, honestly I am very surprised that these designs say “unapproved”.


How did you find these?


I’ve seen these too. Honestly the only reason they’d be unimproved is due to the fact that they’re all roses, and there’s no diversity in that.

But then surely, they didn’t have to use all of them. I like the hoodie.


I have never really been impressed by their merch… A lot of the stuff feels over designed to me. Added to that, the price for the quality isn’t all that impressive. But, that’s the same at most of the shows I got to.


Actually, I googled Blood Album pendant and this appeared in images.


I felt this way between DU and Crash Love. It was also too much to keep up with… :frowning:


The Crash Love and DU merch felt a little uninspired to be honest. The Burials merch was a bit better but all of it felt very similiar. However the Blood merch has been a pleasant surprise to me.

I just wish not all of their merch would be so album specific, they weren’t always, there were some general designs. But that’s just me nitpicking.


Nice find. I feel like these designs were a little too Urban Outfitters, Brooklyn hipster for their sensibilities. I kind of like the Blood merch. Then again, I always liked their merch.


I can see where you’re going there… the Blood Hoodie in the store screams a much more raw design, which I love a lot better than these designs.


It’s the roses. Roses are all over everything; they’re really trendy right now, which is fine, but that’s never been AFI’s aesthetic. And, yeah, I love the more raw designs on the hoodies in the actual store.


Meh, I wouldn’t wear any of these