UPDATED: AFI session on Radio1RockShow w/ Download Festival Highlights Feat 4 Songs and Small Interview

UPDATED BELOW! under photo


So, tomorrow at 2PM EDT / 3PM CDT / 5PM PDT tune into Radio Rock Show with Daniel Carter via BBC Radio 1 - Radio 1's Rock Show with Daniel P Carter, AFI in session and Download Festival highlights

(BST is 5 hrs ahead of EDT)

Aside from AFI’s session there will also be discussion of Download Festival highlights. Don’t miss out.

This radio broadcast has concluded and is now available to check out for those of you who missed it. It is all audio, no video as Davey enters Radio1RockShow. AFI plays Days of the Phoenix, Aurelia, Snow Cats and Girl’s Not Grey covering decades of their music in four songs.

From the 4:00 - 6:00 marker Davey discusses with the radio show that they “AFI” are very lucky to have been a band for 26 years and still gaining fans. Davey mentions that he feels that AFI is polarizing; mentioning that people either love or are “repelled” by his voice. This part of the show lasts for roughly 2 mins until they break into Aurelia. Enjoy!

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