VHS of AFI Im going to officially watch for the first time!

Ive had this VHS for years… and I am deperately hoping it’s raw footage from their Black Sails record release show. I got this VHS through an ebay transaction years ago.

Watch it be Barney… lol. Ill be sure to update you all! :laughing:


That’s wild! Yeah hopefully it’s not taped over :joy:

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Decent chance it’s this video. Still pretty cool if you ended up with an early generation copy of it.


Not clicking that link until I watch my VHS… lol.

I had to order another converter cord, but I should be able to watch it by Sunday.

Looks like you were right! :slight_smile:

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Is it the whole show?

I didn’t watch the whole thing yet. I stopped it maybe 15 mins in but the songs were lining up. The quality on my 65" is crazy good with the converter cable I got.

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What a great eBay find!!

That’s insane, I wish I had heard of them back then!
That show looks fun!

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Even if it wasnt, that was a good clip thank you for sharing