[VIDEO] AFI performs "Miseria Cantare" at The Fillmore Detroit, for the first time in 10 years


If you’re new to the AFI scene, you should know that the band’s 2003 album “Sing the Sorrow” is their most famous. The album features one of their biggest commercial successes, “Girl’s Not Grey” and the album itself had huge support from their record label, Dreamworks. Even to this day, with the band playing on average 17 total songs per show, they have most “Sing the Sorrow” songs. For example, they played 5 songs off of that album at the Fillmore Detroit.

Very few people would argue that AFI’s intros are extremely iconic, especially Black Sails’ “Strength Through Wounding”. However, the intro that “Sing the Sorrow” has is on par with or possibly now more popular than Black Sails’ intro. Well, interestingly enough, AFI opened with Miseria Cantare on Saturday night. This is reportedly the FIRST TIME they performed this song since 2007!

Thanks to YouTube user, Rise From The Ashes Music News and Reviews have uploaded a clip of Miseria Cantare. See it below!

Thanks to AFINewsHQ for pointing this out! You can also see a closer version of this performance by clicking here.


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It looks amazing. So jealous of them. I hope everyone enjoys this round of shows!