VIDEO: "Who Knew?" LIVE performance recorded at Portland, Maine show last night


“Who Knew?”, a track that is only actually on the Black Sails EP (from '99) was sung for reportedly the first time ever just prior at their Cleveland, OH show. It turns out that Portland, Maine got the same treatment! Since this song is so rare, let alone very rare when performed live… it’s kind of a big deal to find the live footage.

Thanks to Chester Copperpot via YouTube for uploading this video!

The only thing the song is missing is the intro, otherwise, this is a very good part of the song. Granted, the video isn’t the best, but the audio is spot on. Enjoy! (Thanks, Chester!)


"Cleveland, some of you know that f**king song!", Davey after debuting "Who Knew?" in Cleveland's House of Blues

THANKS!!! This Is great. No one got into the song in my side. :frowning:


This song is in my Top 5 favorite songs along with Midnight Sun. Lyrically and musically… just hits me in a powerful way. I always remember blaring this in my big old stereo too. When I lived in an apartment with a friend of mine years back, one of our neighbors had complained to me about the “drums”… LOL they were talking about me blaring Midnight Sun, LOL. :smiley:


It was so great to hear it live. The crowd last night felt really tame, and not many people actually sang along. Davey even said something along the lines of “we won’t be playing any B-Sides from the 90s anymore.” :frowning: Still, I feel so lucky to have heard that song. Actually, the set lists I got to experience this tour were the best. I actually got to hear “This Time Imperfect;” they played “Morningstar” and “On the Arrow.” I got to experience “Feed From the Floor,” “Killing Time,” and “Missing Frame.” They played “Malleus” and way more that just made me so happy I was able to pull off seeing them three times in the last three weeks.


:scream: I HATE YOU. LOL.

Okay, I added the “she said, endlessly” but it was so fitting. :slight_smile:

I’m jealous. That is amazing!


Yeah, well, there are benefits to being a college prof and having a remote second job: at least I can travel while working, and I don’t have to be in an office often in the summer.

And I like that little addition. That’s one of my fave songs.


I sang along with everything, ESPECIALLY for this song! I wouldn’t read too much into what Davey said, though. He said that that was the only obscure b-side they’d be playing that night, not anymore. I think they’ll still play the rare songs from time to time.


I was on Jade’s side and the people behind me (except this one girl who sang along with my friend and me) were just staring and talking half the time. Oh well. I’m used the NYC crowds. We’re a bit insane down here.


Well, apparently on record, meaning tracking the songs they’ve played, “Who Knew?” is at least very rare to hear live. Come to think about it… when I saw them at the '01 Warped Tour I’m pretty sure they played Midnight Sun, but that’s the only song that I can remember them possibly playing at that show.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it on

AFI Setlist Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ, USA, Vans Warped Tour 2001
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I went to that Warped Tour! I was eleven! Haha. Almost died but it was worth it.


I believe I was 17 at the time. I ran into everyone except for Davey at their tent. :slight_smile:


Haha, I waved at them as I walked by their tent, but I was so intimidated by them, especially Davey and Jade. But man, that was a memorable show, at least for me. That was my first Warped.


I never saw Davey… I even asked Jade where he was at one point.

Well, kinda like at Starland… you gotta just go for it. No one is going to push you towards them so you gotta do it yourself. I already can’t wait for them to do for EC tour dates… I’m just sad because I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon.


I was eleven. They were terrifying to me. I love their music and aesthetic, but as an eleven year old, they looked like giants- darkly clad giants. LOL. Honestly, the social anxiety also takes over at those moments, hence why it took me forever to wait outside for them.