Wanting to make friends

So, this Sunday, October 1st is my birthday for the 3rd year out of the 4 years in this state I’ll be celebrating alone if at all; as it hurts even if I am turning 43. I’ve tried to make friends on Facebook, etc. useless. I’ve also spent the majority of my time alone other than with mental health support and so on. Those people get paid to be around me so that will never count and it feels empty AF. So now I’m going to try to be open, and vulnerable slowly but I will do it one day, one step at a time here with you here in this place which tbh feels safe to me. So any emotional support to just conversations in general is welcome and appreciated. And if you’d like to know anything about me feel free to ask. I did not do an introduction as I’ve never been very good with them perhaps in the next few weeks I will try it out idk anyhow thanks for taking the time to read this.


Hi, I’m almost never on this site anymore but for some reason I logged in just now and I saw your post. I’ve never had any real friends either. What state do you live in?

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I live in Minnesota.

Do you like it there? I live in North Carolina.

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Nah it was okay for a while tbh it was only okay never great even as a teen. I would love to move to the east coast one day but due to being on disability income I fear it may not be affordable idk maybe I’m wrong lol but I know it’s far more interesting to me than the Midwest at least it looks it lol

Yeah most of the east coast is unaffordable and I worry that I’ll eventually have to move to the midwest or something just so I can have a roof over my head. Minnesota seems cool especially the natural beauty but I don’t think I could deal with the winter there. Not so much because of the cold, but because I hate driving in the snow.

The snow here can’t be too much more than that of the East Coast but dang the cost of living is that rough huh? I’m sorry that it causes you to worry about your security of shelter etc.

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I only check in here now and again but good to see you!

Did you get yourself a cake and/or celebratory food of choice? And if not, I say get yourself once now to celebrate spooky season.

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I feel the same sometimes. On my ‘sweet’ sixteenth birthday I celebrated with two people- that’s it!

I did end up going out for a bit had some fun met some people that treated me very kindly even if we’d never hang out due to well let’s say I’m the Wednesday Addams on a small town lol

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I’m so sorry that you had that experience :frowning: Have you had any birthdays since then like say your 18th or even your 21st that would’ve outshined it anyway?