Was AFI your most listened band on Spotify this year?

Last year Bring Me The Horizon was the band I listened the most. The top 5 songs were also BMTH. With The Missing Man coming out December last year I triedto make AFI my top band this year.

Second year in a row, BMTH and 5 of their songs were my most listened stuff in 2019.

How did everyone else’s go?

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Most listened to of the year and decade :blush: Blaqk audio dominated my top songs though

Bad Religion were, AFI didn’t even really end up in my top 5. BR were also my artist of the decade. However, Spotify isn’t an entirely accurate metric for this… AFI were my number one most played band of the year on last.fm (yes - I still use that in the year of our lord 2019), and I’d say that’s a more accurate metric. There’s plenty of stuff I still listen to in Windows Media Player, lol.

AFI were my artist of the decade but Glass Animals were my artist of 2019.

Am I the only person on the planet who has never used Spotify? :joy:

I get Spotify premium with my phone contract, so tend to make the most of it

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AFI were in my top artists last year, but not this year, Compulsion took over this year!

I don’t use Spotify…mostly Amazon Music…but for surely my most listened band this year was AFI :wink: Closely followed by the Dance Hall Crashers :slight_smile: