Website tech help?

Anyone here “techy” that would be willing to help with website design, etc?


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Hey @STORMS Happy to help in whatever I can :slight_smile: I actually suck at design but I’m pretty good at programming :wink: Just let me know and we can figure out what to do :smiley:

I just granted you Admin access. I’d like to make the header* of the website bigger and more visible… could you help with that?

Let me know if that works or if you would like it bigger :slight_smile: It wasn’t that hard…after I found where I need to do the changes :slight_smile: A little bit of Google helped a lot :wink:

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YO!!! THANK YOU! Can you help me get the background to more of a Missing Man Ep look? Like this?

Might have to make a few adjustments for mobile FYI @Blag

Will work on both :slight_smile: Didn’t noticed on mobile :frowning:

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