Wedge Records celebrates 20th anniversary of "Punk Fiction" picture disc feat. Davey Havok in drag


Wedge Records is selling this limited edition re-press of the Punk Fiction picture disc featuring Davey Havok in drag. The 10" picture disc vinyl features the song cover (by AFI) “Whatever I Do” by the band, Negative Approach. If you’re interesting in purchasing this beauty, I suggest following the link below immediately and grabbing yours as they are limited!


Thanks for the heads up! I’m definitely grabbing one of these.


That cover, though. It does seem cool. I might get one. Thanks for posting!


I already have this; the original in a cardboard sleeve. I would get this one if I wasn’t so crazy with other AFI stuff lately, lol. It’s definitely a good score for those who don’t have this yet though.

Getting my set list framed from the Blood tour cost over $100 (professionally done)


See, this is why I’m glad I’m so tight with the dude who does all my framing- my art, photographs, etc. He’s been framing my mom’s art for her since I was a kid, and then I started taking all of my work to him in high school, so now he gives me great deals on stuff like that. He quotes $20 to do my setlist if I want it framed, though I’m thinking of putting it into my archive quality scrap book. Your setlist looks AMAZING, though.


Yeah, it would definitely help to know someone there. This place is close though and are VERY meticulous and detailed. They even asked me if I wanted the dotted lines on the ticket print out to be seen or if they could cut it on the lines.

Here’s a few photos to give you a better idea of their detail. I figure it’s expensive but it’s AFI… so it needs to be the best I can get. That’s awesome to have that connection you have. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for posting this! This was one of the last items I needed to get a legit copy of every AFI song, but it almost always goes for so much. I’m more than happy to pay $30 for a brand-new picture disc version! And I just did!


No, they did a fantastic job. A good framer is hard to find. It’s the reason my fam sticks to the guy we use. But that seriously looks so good.


I am thrilled I could help! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, when it comes to AFI… only the best.


I’m not a huge fan of picture discs because of the sound quality, but this release and its cover is perfect for the format. Over the years I’ve rotated many different AFI posters on my wall, but my Punk Fiction poster seems to have a permanent place. Such an amazing image.