What album are you currently listening to?

I’m making this post because I hadn’t listened to Crash Love in a long time and for the past week, it’s all I’ve been listening to. The Torch Song is one of my favorite songs on that album.

However, just yesterday I switched over to “Burials”… The Sinking Night is amazing… I think The Sinking Night into I Hope You Suffer is one of the best followups with songs on any AFI record.

Oh, man, it’s been all Sing the Sorrow/Art of Drowning/Xtrmst for me the past few days. I was on a The Blood kick last week. Burials is amazing- those two songs paired together are fantastic. And The Torch Song on Crash Love is one of my all time faves- so glad I got to see them open with that back in '09.

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I need to dive into STS again soon, however, I think I’m going to revisit Decemberudrground next, THEN STS. I actually do not own any XSTRMST albums physically, which needs to change.

I was hoping AFI would play Catch a Hot One at Starland. :slight_smile:

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OMG,Catch a Hot One- that song is just so much fun.

I did a Decemberunderground binge right before the Hartford show. I worked from home, sat with my 7 inch Decemberundergound collection, and just appreciated it in all its glory again.

And I got the XTRMST vinyl (which comes with the CD) when they first released it. It’s one of my faves.

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My jealousy reigns down upon you again… I need to catch up with the XTRMST items.

I think my biggest big ever was probably between Black Sails and Art of Drowning (when I first heard of them). I remember gerring Black Sails just being Wow’d… then I sunk deeper. :slight_smile:

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Black Sails is iconic.