What chapter are you from?


So, if you’re not apart of the DF, that’s perfectly okay.

If you are, do you remember the different “chapters” of the DF? Which one are you from, and if you’re now apart of multiple chapters how did that happen?

I got my start in the South East chapter, I love the people I’ve come to see all the time in line, they’re absolutely amazing!

I’ve also made a LOT of friends in the North East chapter as well. People who I’ve had some amazing conversations with, I’ve explored with, annnnd even gotten lost with.


I’ve been a DF member since the beginning. I even remember when they were taking a vote on the name of the fan club then “Despair Faction” was decided on. I “think” it was a guy who names it… however, I couldn’t tell you his name.

I’m from York, PA, so I guess I’m part of the North East chapter?

I realized at the Starland NJ show that I’m missing the Burials DF package… :frowning:


Hahaha, I joined way, back, too. I was a baby, though, like 11. I’m from NYC, so it would have been the Northeast chapter…I think. God, I can’t remember. All of my mementos from the early days are sadly lost to Binghamton’s flood back when I was in college. :frowning: Now I just have emails to prove I’m a DF member.


I wasn’t actually allowed to join until I had my own money, in 2008. As, until then I was using my parents’ money because I was terrible in school so they wouldn’t let me have a job. But I knew about the boards LONG ago, I think I had secretly joined the boards when I was like 11/12 but got caught and got into trouble. Mostly because at the time everything was monitored because we all shared a computer, and my mother was nuts at the time.

But I never really knew the love of waiting in line/meeting people from the boards until 2010, when I actually got to wait in line the first time in Nashville. Since in 2007, I wasn’t allowed to skip school to wait in line AND also not go to school the second day. Hahahaha.


Oh, I was NEVER allowed to skip school to wait, hence my need to learn how to shimmy to the front. At least people were usually nice about it. I’m only 5’1" and 90 lbs, so I don’t really block the people I’m in front of.


Yea…I fight for barricade now. So like, I don’t move. At all. Haha.


I’ve never been to the barricade but I gotta say… I enjoyed my spot at Starland… If I was at the barricade I wouldn’t have been about to experience what I did. Plus, whenever they play “I Hope You Suffer” you can count on Davey entering the crowd, roughly 4-5 people in. One of these days I’ll get to the barricade, LOL.

Actually, I mainly wanted to get close to the barricade this time around to HOPEFULLY grab a set list. My luck was grand that night by the awesome staff guy who handed out the extra set lists to those of us waiting around back after the show. :slight_smile:


LOL. I had Davey walk on me once, and that was enough for me.


Great Plains chapter here. If there are others, please let me know! I am pretty alone out here in Nebraska when it comes to the AFI love!


Did you just see them?



I’m from NYC. :slight_smile: I can only imagine how sparse fan wise that must be. BUT at least this page exists. If you ever have any questions or any suggestions about or for the board, let @STORMS or me know.


Yes! <3
Still riding high on that!


Yes, WELCOME! If you ever have any concerns, suggestions, etc don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or @_tonibell :slight_smile:


God, please give me an excuse to do anything but read over Puritan diaries right now. There’s only so much “city on a hill” nonsense I can mentally take.


I have not been involved much in a while. My sweet kids from 2005 stay in touch. Florida was my first chapter, then I moved to Tennessee and threw a DF meet up at Dollywood in around 2007?

So I’m still in Tennessee and though I’m not “officially” part of the Knoxville chapter, if there even is one, that’d be my home base?


We’re slowly growing. We’re still new so I’m sure the chapters will grow again. :slight_smile:


I’m sure they will. There are tons of AFI fans in Knoxville, Nashville and such… Loads of dark wave bands that would fall over over themselves to do shows with Blaqk Audio and poppier bands that would jump on board Dreamcar shows. I’d love to see someone like Aryia open for DC, and I’m sure she’d do it.