What do you do in anticipation of an afi show?

Maybe this is just me personally, as a newbie, not just to afi but concerts in general. I am so fucking psyched for a few weeks leading up. I’m going to an authority zero concert here in Germany next week and I am just itching with anticipation.

Last year I hand embroidered a patch and put it on a shirt I got signed. Now I have to double time my embroidery of the signatures because that was my original plan but I let life get in the way.

To me the entire experience is a magical once in a life time every time and I want to have things planed out before hand. It was actually really fucking cool to meet other afi fans because they recognized the patch I had embroidered on my shirt and put on the fb page and we bonded over it.

I cant wait to be so overwhelmed by happy excitement again.

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In preparation for AFI I will pick a few things to take to the show in hope of getting them signed, especially a magazine spread that I only need Davey and Adam to sign yet, then I’m framing it.

I’ll even pick out a carefully thought out DF attire… I might wear my custom Blood Jean jacket, but it’ll probably be way too hot.

I also try to get to AFI shows a little early so that we’re able to get kinda close to the front of attack the merch table. :slight_smile:

Gotta be careful with the merch table though because then every thing you bought you gotta carry for the rest of the show. Last year at Starland was almost a nightmare for me…

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My husband is not really an afi fan. His sole purpose at shows (other than be there because he loves to see me happy lol) is get in line at the merch table while I get the spot and then to take care of said merch. X’D This was very helpful at red rocks last year.

I only had the chance to meet them once, from the 3 shows i saw, and i did ask for the signatures on my shirt to embroider but it felt so awkward to ask. I dunno if I’d bring merch just for signing, even though I’d love it. The once is enough for me, I think. And I have it forever.

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When I gave Hunter my magazine insert for him to sign he actually started talking about the photo shoot reminiscing. It was really cool. It was this insert:

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That really is cool! What a great experience. And that magazine sert is awesome itself. It doesn’t have anything to do with the 90s tv show of a similar name does it?

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