What do you miss about the DF?

Just recalling some DF memories… I’ll start:

  • DF forums w/ exclusive forums for the DF to interact with the band
  • Meet & Greets!!! I was fortunate enough to attend one of these back in 2003 where I got my Art skatedeck and BSITS limited color vinyl signed, plus photos with the band
  • DF exclusive store

How about you?

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I miss the community of the old boards. Hardly anybody posts on here anymore :frowning:


Yeah, everything has been sucked up by social media… however, I find that unacceptable. I feel we still need “our place”. On social media there is no organization like forums. On forums you can create different forums for different threads/topics. On social media… everything just gets dumped.

AFI are on Instagram the most… I don’t believe they really post anywhere else.

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Yeah, I do miss the community of the old boards - I’m glad that there’s this board now.

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