What do you say? How do you say it?


I’ve been trying to think of what I want to say to the band if I’m able to meet them next weekend.

I want to thank them, invite them here (tell them about these forums) and have a few things signed… all at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm them. I’m taking 3 things MAX to get signed. I also figure the shirts I’m gifting will be easy as they can throw them over their shoulder to carry.

Share your thoughts and difficulties in the past, in here.


I’ve only met Hunter once and when I saw him entering the room I was overwhelmed, as if it was something I had accomplished, which was meeting someone I’d seen through a computer screen for 11 years. The first thing I said was “you don’t know how many times I dreamed of this moment”. He smiled and was very humble. Was the only fanboyish thing I said. The we had a grown up conversation.

Do not plan what you’re gonna say because you’ll forget it when/if you meet them


I’ve met Jade twice, Davey once, Adam twice and Hunter once.

I remember saying to Davey back in 2003 how much of an inspiration he’s been to me. I asked him to sign two things and got a picture with him.

I was able to meet Adam, then Jade then Hunter last year during Blood.

But yeah, you’re right… I gotta go in fresh at least a little, lol.


I had a thought earlier and it may have been inspired by @Cher_I_Despair … I may put all of my discography in a notebook and take it just in case I get lucky…

Gotta load up on sharpies too; black and silver. Let’s be real - you usually end up letting a fellow fan use your sharpie because they didn’t bring one. :wink:


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Just dont think of what to say to the guys in my experience just talk to them and be chill like a normal person and not some celebrity its what they really like in hanging with fans Davey loves to talk music and bands Hunter you cam pretty much say anything and he will be humble and respond back to you on instagram Adam lovrs talking music as well I was always like… around jade until the 2nd atlanta show were he saw my cher tour shirt and said it was the best shirt of the night I was nervous 1st time I met Davey and was kinda fangirlish and could tell he didnt like but after meeting the guys 17 times last year and Davey another 3 times with Tom Tony and Adrian with Dream car its become a easy thing to do. Now When I meet Gwen Stefani Next year im prob gonna be total opposite and ugly cry and everything else since she was my first musical inspiration.


Hunter and Adam sometimes bring sharpies out with them but i need to bring a huge pack for people just in case Hoping they do come out Ive never been to a non headlining AFI tour before sooo not sure how it works but best thing to do is wait by the bus. Since they are playing 2nd Id just leave in hopes of them hanging out during rise againsts set to keep a lower crowd and the ones who are there just for them would be really great. But if they dont Then :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:They dont owe me shit.


I may consider this. It would definitely top off the night.


I’ve never gone out of my way to meet the band. I try and keep a personal attachment away from the members of the band and just on the music itself. Although if I ever did meet them I’d probably just thank them for creating something that has engaged me for nearly 20 years and then maybe try and find some common interest away from music. I’m assuming the band and their own influences are a constant topic of discussion

EDIT: and holy fuck. 20 years. That’s a long time :open_mouth:


I feel the same way. I would want to thank them for the music and have a real conversation.


I believe for most of us, though, it’s impossible to do that with this band. At least for me lol. This is going to sound so lame, but as I really don’t have a family, I’ve always thought of them as like…soul brothers? Or something. :joy: It was never intentional, but I guess following them for so long and being otherwise so alone, I subconsciously built a connection to them.

@STORMS man, have a good time. I hope you get to meet them all again. Kind of making me wish I could go. Then again, I think I’d be too afraid to meet them. I am so foot-in-mouth in person, I’d probably say something totally awkward or offensive (yikes!) without meaning to and then be so embarrassed about it I’d show myself the door. :joy:


I’ve always thought of them as like…soul brothers? Or something.

I don’t think you’re the only one :slight_smile: I kinda feel the same way :slight_smile: Once you dream with Davey or any other band member…then you know they’re more than just the best band around :wink:



I’m very anxious for two things first… new merch(?) and the setlist.

There will obviously not be an encore so I will be considering leaving after AFI in hope that they hang out a bit.


I still have a poster of them right next to my bed and I all but say goodnight to them before I go to sleep. :joy:


After their set they may go eat though which its not hard to spot davey and hunter just look for vegan restaurants in the area lol They always go to chicago diner when touring in chicago lol same with Tom and Tony from dreamcar and No Doubt lol like when they sat next to us and hung with us outside after we ate before the chicago Dreamcar show.


For setlists I always ask Smith after saying hello and talking for a bit prior to the show,he always delivers if you ask before hand then go to the barricade after the show and he’ll remember, I can almost garuntee it.If you can too inform him about the shirts and DFC I wouldn’t doubt he relays it to the guys and he may pull you aside and make the meeting happen.Good luck!


Giving the shirts to Smith is an awesome idea - thank you!

However the nights play out (my wife and I are seeing them two nights in a row)… I’m hoping to at least meet them once… good thing I don’t have to work early the next day. :slight_smile: