What do you think 2018 holds for Dreamcar?


I was listening to the below interview earlier and either Tom or Adrian (I can only identify Davey and Tony’s voices so far!) around 18.40 mins mentions that after promoting the band in 2017, 2018 will hopefully be a year of proper touring.
It was back in May so I don’t now whether this will still hold true but I hope so :pray:
(although personally I’m aware they’re unlikely to tour UK/Europe because there seems to have been zero promotion here and they had to cancel the last ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I noticed that the band are appealing for fan videos to create a video for ‘dead girls’, hopefully that will be out December or the early new year.

P.s. is quite a good interview. Also has a 2nd part where Davey talks briefly about his stepdad having 2 AFI tattoos, which is sweet :heart:.


I’d say the chances of getting more DREAMCAR tour dates is 100% more likely than AFI.

DREAMCAR definitely still seems quite active.


Dreamcar seems like a band that was created just so the guys could tour/perform. And with their sound, they can easily pull off multiple covers to fill out the setlist. Nothing wrong with that but its unsurprising that they’re touring so much.


I’ll aim to see Dreamcar if they come around again. They gotta touch the NE more though.


^they need to touch everywhere that isn’t California more! :grin:


This is so going to be an unpopular opinion, but as much as the show entertained me, it was way too short. If they’re going to do a proper tour run, they need to flesh out that set and maybe work on hyping the crowd a bit. The NYC crowd was so boring, and it was such an early night. It seemed like just as people got into it, the set ended.


They play like a really good opening band.


So it’s not just me being bitchy? Because I feel terrible, but I wasn’t wowed.


I like Dreamcar, but my hype levels do not touch anything close to AFI. :frowning: #truth


What can you expect from any band with only 1 album? I’ve never seen any band with only a single album mostly because it’s bound to be a short set (although I did book to see Dreamcar because Dreamcar. The above still holds true because it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Yes, they can do covers but you don’t want too many because it detracts from their own music

I was a bit surprised to find Dreamcar covering Don’t Change at one of the festivals. I know it was a more upbeat version but out of all the songs in the world, they choose a song that AFI have already perfected?

I agree with you @STORMS that I’m not as excited for Dreamcar as AFI but again, I think that’s partly because they’ve only had 1 album. Can you really be a dedicated fan of anyone after only 1 album? I really hope they do make more music :blush:


Kinda hoping they tour more because I’ll take every chance I can get to see Davey Havok perform (because he’s such an amazing performer). But a part of me also hopes that Davey and the rest of Afi will get together to work on the next album because I think that AFI is a lot more exciting than Dreamcar during a live show(for me personally).


The most exciting part of the Dreamcar show that I went to was when Davey went back to the backup singers and started mimicking their dance moves. It was too funny and the other singers started cracking up. Beyond that, the room was half empty and majority of the people there were the D.C. concert goers that pick up random unsold-out shows and hang out and drink with their friends. Not a lot of energy.


Yeah dreamcar at NYC was pretty dead too…