What does DF thinking about my Trash Bat cover?

Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a cover to my channel. Here’s one from their new EP!

Fun story: so I’ve been planning on doing a cover of this song ever since it released. However, there’s a lick in the first verse that Hunter did that I had way too much difficulty tabbing out. Determined to get it right, I snagged tickets to the San Diego show this month and flew all the way from Montreal, Canada to watch them play. I stood right in front of Hunter and recorded him (and no one else lol) just so I can be sure how to play some of the songs from the new EP as accurately as possible.

At the end of the show I was fortunate enough to meet Hunter for the first time. I was star struck but also discovered that he was aware of my channel on YouTube. He offered to teach me how to play Trash Bat properly and this is what resulted. I hope you guys like it!


That’s really great!! And a neat story to boot c:

That’s so amazing! He knew about your channel?!? Ahh! I would have been freaking out.

Supposedly he’s subscribed too! I was flipping out and trying to contain myself. Best night of my life to be quite honest.


@acondax your story is incredible! I love the video too!

Great story, and as I’ve told you countless times, all your covers are superb, to say the least.

How exactly did he teach you to play the song? I’m intrigued. And yes, I’ve met Hunter twice ad he’s so down to Earth, amazing and chill.


I’m double dumbstruck! Hunter teach you to play this song and he knew your channel! Heck! You’re such a lucky fella! :smiley:

As always, your cover is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:


@Pablo @sayasha @STORMS @Blag THANKS GUYS!!

There’s actually a pretty awesome story about this. So I introduced myself to Hunter because I couldn’t help myself (he is the reason I play bass and have a YouTube channel, after all). So when I told him about the channel he asked what the name of my channel was. Since the name of the channel is my name, I just said “just look up AFI bass and 90% of the results will be me” and his response was like “THATS YOU!! I know your channel, I’m subscribed!”

So after tripping balls at the idea, he went on to explain that he uses my videos to refresh his memory before performing songs they haven’t played in a while. He even proved it by stating which songs out of the setlist they played that night I had uploaded a video for. Like he thanked me for inadvertently helping him. So you can imagine the immense sense of joy I felt when I found out the man I essentially idolize not only knows who I am, but is subscribed to my channel AND uses my content for reference for his own shows. That also explains why, after about 4 months of not having published a video, it took less than a week for me to upload a new video haha.

So he even said it had been a long time since I uploaded and I told him that I recorded footage of him playing just so I can get some new vids out. When I told him I wanted to do Trash Bat, he was like “well in that case let me show you how to play that tough part” and in the parking lot of the venue, him and I tabbed out the riff together and I nervously entered it into my phone. So that’s how Hunter taught me how to play Trash Bat lol.


Dude that is so insane. I am so happy for you! Meeting the band is a surreal experience itself, so getting that kind of interaction with Hunter must have been extraordinary.

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That is the most amazing story ever! So awesome that he knew of your channel! And he was subscribed to it!

I’ll be sharing this on our social media when I get home from work.

Maybe Hunter will find us on here someday. :slight_smile:


This is amazing! I think this is my favorite fan story ever!


Great video and cover! Really cool story too!! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


This is so great! Best fan story ever!!!