What does self-titled actually mean?


I feel a little dumb asking this but I’ve read a few outlets refer to the Blood Album as being called simply “AFI”. Well, it’s NOT called AFI, it’s (the album) called “The Blood Album”.

If they didn’t name the album anything and it was just 14 tracks on an “AFI” CD… then that would be self-titled, or no?


The album is actually called, “AFI (The Blood Album).” The blood album is like… a subtitle. The actual title is AFI.


Yeah, self-titled is simply when you name an album after you as the band. So technically the newer album is titled “AFI.” Personally, I believe the subtitle of the Blood Album came into play when they realized they already had a self-titled greatest hits album from their Nitro years. Thus, “The Blood Album” is used to avoid confusion.


I think they said somewhere in an interview (I think it was the AOL lift done back in February; I’ll try and find it later after work) that they were originally going to just call it AFI but then they/the fans started calling it the Blood Album because of all the blood motifs, so it just stuck. I’ll try and find the interview later to back this up.


They did mention it in that one, however, they also mentioned it in the Backspin interviews they did for every album, as well as several other interviews conducted before the album officially came out.


Kk. I knew I wasn’t imagining things. :wink:


Gotcha. I did watch all of those. It’s srtill confusing to me, but it’s whatever. Just because it’s in parenthesis (The Blood Album), it’s just called “AFI”. Thanks for the clarity though. :slight_smile:


Yeah to be honest, most articles and people I know simply call it the Blood Album. Except for Davey, Davey calls it the Blood “Record”


I’ve preferred that since I first heard about the album. Calling it the Blood Record just sounds better.