What does this mean then?


New picture got posted with Davey blacked out? Does it mean anything? Does it mean nothing? Who knows


I imagine Dave is the ‘missing man’, right?



Agree with you @sayasha :wink: That’s for sure “Missing Man” but does where “Missing Woman” fit in there? And…where is Davey? Is AFI releasing an “Where is Davey?” book? Is he dressing up as Waldo?

Maybe…you can pose like Davey…take a picture…crop the image…and paste yourself on top :wink:


I think the favorite photo edit i’ve Seen is the one where someone pasted Gwen Stefani in there. I laughed


I also thought that the photo edit with Gwen Stefani was really funny. I hope this means that there is a new album in the works.


Davey likes his blackout sleeves so much he decided to black his whole self out.