What is up with the snow cats music video? song meaning?

so. I have not actually watched the entire snow cats video. I can’t bring myself to do it.

But my friend said there is certain geometry in the video that has a very specific meaning, and I was curious about people’s interpretations of the song. Especially the meaning of the title.

To me the lyrics seem similar to some of the songs on crash love and how they are about people’s interpretations of a person vs who they actually are and struggling with being expected to act a certain way. But the rest of the song I can’t make sense of at all

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I don’t get it… I’ve watched it and I don’t understand it. Sometimes I get tired of the cryptic stuff. I was really into the cryptic aura back in 2003…


In all fairness, the cryptic stuff was genuinely fascinating back in '03 - '06 and seemed to have a continuous narrative and real purpose behind it. The clues all led to something that could be traced back to certain songs or albums or to the band itself. For years now it just looks like they use “cryptic” stuff just for the sake of it, or more likely to generate hype, but it doesn’t have any meaning beyond that. I think it’s a shame, really. I thought 336/Clandestine/Five Flowers was brilliant and, while not totally flawless, extremely well done. I couldn’t believe they were actually able to pull that off at the time. Just imagine the planning and coordinating that must have been involved, and convincing everyone involved to get on board with the idea and be sworn to secrecy. Nevermind the care and effort it probably took to formulate the concept itself.

As for Snow Cats, I can’t stand the song or the video. I watched it once for the hell of it, and at best it seems like an intentional parody of various new wave cliches. At least, let’s hope it was intentional…


I don’t think there’s any mystery or anything cryptic behind the video.

It’s just another low budget, effortless video along with Aurelia, Get Dark, The Viles or First To Love


I don’t get it either.

Makes me think of this from the afi meme account :joy:


I personally love the snow cats video. I thought it was just supposed to be super 80s and over the top on purpose, with no cryptic messages or secrets…

Did your friend say what they meant by the geometry? I mean it’s a bunch of triangles and the blood symbol is also in the shape of a triangle, and many of their previous albums revolves around circles instead (burials, sts, du)

And regarding the lyrical content, I’d say you’re right. Davey said in interviews that the blood album is about identity, relationships, and misperceptions of identity and relationships etc

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