What non-AFI have you been listening to lately?


Damn, reading through this thread brings me to the conclusion that I only like one band that the rest of you like. I don’t know/like any of the bands mentioned.


As FM Sugar_and_Ice said, we’re a diverse bunch of people. Not sure what you’ve been listening to but I’m sure someone in here shares some component of your musical taste. Even if we are a small population. Don’t be embarrassed to share what you’ve been spinning.
Any fans of Ween on the board? Got into their music through the bassist of my band, and it’s been surprisingly addicting. Here’s one of their songs that’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it. Sounds like a bunch of drunk pirates in a bar. Which isn’t actually that different from the way it was recorded. Not very representative of their ever-changing style but definitely representative of their general ethos.


Out of curiosity, what else ARE you into? I feel challenged to see if I can find some overlap now. Haha.


Current heavily rotated bands are Touch Sensitive (Australian nu-disco), Lewis del Mar (Latin-inspired folk), Litany (indie-pop/r&b), Prinze George (local synth-pop band), K.Flay (alt-rock/rap), Flint Eastwood (indie-pop), and Sofi Tukker (multi-lingual dance-pop).

That’s as many as I can think of right now. Any overlap?


Lol that’s okay, I only recognize a few that other people have mentioned and really the only one I listen to fairly regularly that others have mentioned is the Misfits. Then again I didn’t really expect anyone to listen to the same music as me, because it’s so old and more or less quite obscure. Most of it, anyway. Can’t say I’ve ever spoken to anyone under the age of 40 who knows what any of that shit is lol.


Cold Cave
Strung Out


I’ll agree with this. First band in the thread I’ll agree on. I haven’t had a chance to sit with the new EPs but NIN has been a lifelong favorite.


Anybody into Cut Copy? They had the best album of September.


I mentioned NIN before your first post! Haha.

Regarding the stuff you posted when I asked what you’re into, I did notice a K.Flay song I liked in a Bojack Horseman episode recently.


I definitely didn’t see the NIN mention lol.

Yeah that Bojack episode was a great use of the song. I’m hearing Blood in the Cut in ads too. I’m glad K.Flay is finally getting some recognition. Her new album has been on a fairly constant rotation in my car.


@dnlkdwll Glad you decided to post anyway! It’s great if people do have musical interests in common but it’s not essential, it’s just interesting to see what people are into and perhaps get to find out about artists you wouldn’t have otherwise heard. Had a listen to Sofi Tukker by the way and was suprised to find that I’d already heard one of their songs (Awoo) on an advert.

@StageGhost Lol, it really does sound like drunken pirates :stuck_out_tongue:. By the way, what does FM mean? (in relation to your earlier post).


Yeah Sofi Tukker is a band that everyone has heard they just don’t know they’ve heard them. They are everywhere but particularly in commercials. From phones to cars, you name it, they’ve had a song for it. I can’t remember what movie it was but Drinkee was in it and it made me like the movie even more.


The Jesus Lizard announced some reunion shows! I thought I had run out of chances to see them after the last time they said they were done a few years ago, so I’m pretty excited about that:

Info here, if anyone’s interested.

For people who don’t know them, imagine Led Zeppelin’s rhythm section with 90s noise rock guitar, fronted by a crazy person singing about like, kidnapping people and stuff. They did a split with Nirvana. Both sides of it are great. Go listen.


The Jesus Lizard is back again? That’s exciting; I’d thought they’d be done for good. They’re among the few groups my band agrees on.
By the way, FM = Forum Member.
Last record listened: Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven - A cult classic of Montreal music. Like movies without images. Jade loves these guys and you should too.


I love GY!BE
That’s one of my favourite songs.

At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Creeper, who are influenced by AFI so that’s probably why I like them so much.
Also listening to Brand New, Nothing but Thieves, The Smiths, Royal Blood, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Machine Head, Twenty One Pilots, Alexisonfire.


Is your name a reference to Creeper? :wink:

I actually like them a lot. I’m seeing them open for some band (can’t remember the headliner) in February in NYC.


It is!
They’re one of my favourite bands. I saw them at Download festival this year (along with AFI), and I’m seeing them in December too. They put on a great live show.


Saw this guy last night for the 2nd time. His name is Seth Lakeman -he’s a folk musician and he is amazing! Was listening to him all yesterday and most of today. Got to meet him briefly afterwards too :revolving_hearts:
The below video might seem a bit odd (it’s filmed in a train station) but it’s testament to how good he is on his own (as he was last night - he usually has a band) :violin::heart_eyes:.


Lately, these I like a lot for whatever reason. Just for something different.


I work in a retail store and I’ve heard those songs enough times for one lifetime.