What now? (in this quite time)

What do you do in this time where AFI kinda goes silent for a while?

Start looking on ebay more?

Listen to AFI more (that possible?)

Create AFI art?

Reorganized your collection?

I repay the debt accumulated from AFI being active again.


I haven’t really paid much attention to when they’re active/not active for the last several years. I usually check their website or whatever every few months to see if there’s anything new, and whenever they drop a new album I listen to it, but in general my continued interest and adoration of the band is pretty constant and randomly cyclical. Sometimes I won’t go for weeks or a month of two without listening to them, and other times, like lately, I play their albums on constant repeat, look at collecting more stuff, watching bootlegs, etc. Sometimes I just feel like listening to something else - not that AFI ever gets old to me, but sometimes I’m just more in the mood for metal or whatever.


Wait for them to put out the next one.
Seriously though, I’ve got a few other bands that I’m following - many are local. I’ll still be listening to AFI and I could talk about that music for a long time. But I’m excited to see what other bands are doing.
I just hope that good feeling the band felt earlier this year isn’t over yet that they can’t make another record while on a high.
Incidentally, I’ve noticed that Bjork season tends to be out of phase with AFI season.

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