What song am I?


What song is this? :slight_smile:

Your turn.

I want to bring back this thread but I don’t know the answer and now it’s really bugging me. I’ve even googled it to no avail so I’m guessing it’s not in the main body of the lyrics but rather additional vocals, if it even is lyrics! Someone put me out of my misery!

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Even more reason NOT to tell! :slight_smile:

If no one is able to get this in the next couple days I’ll give the answer. :slight_smile:

Do we get a hint? I like the idea of this thread…

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Was there a song released on 10/28/2012?

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Midnight Sun

Track 12
Song starts at 10 mins and 28 seconds. :slight_smile:

Wow…cryptic! Never would have got that. Perhaps we could do this thread with lyrics or more well-known trivia?

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I’ll give it a try…

I’m a fan fave, but I’m not what real fans crave.
What song am I?

Miss Murder. Then again, this question could be really subjective.

Yeah, that’s it. Pretty basic, but still good!
Who’s next?

The song that describes an outcast best… which song am I?

Is it Still a Stranger?

It really could be many songs, but when I asked the question I had “Lower It” in mind.

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I’ll do an easy one:

For once, I am flawed. Which song am I?

Not easy for me it seems… What’s the song?

This Time Imperfect! :sparkles:

Ok, let’s not do any more riddles! Lyrics only!

“I’ll suck the poison out” - what song am I?

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This should be 37mm.

True. Have a gold star :star: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps suggest a new one after answering to keep the thread going? :smile_cat:

“Is scucking real” (according to the lyrics booklet :joy_cat:). What song am I?