When is it time to let go?

Lately, and I don’t know if I’m just going through a phase, but lately I’ve thought about selling parts of my collection.

Anyone else felt this way?

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Yeah, that’s common. It happens in cycles for me. Wait until the new album/tour/etc. and you’ll remember why you have all of this stuff in the first place. I’ve felt like that a few times and just sold/gave away items I didn’t love anymore. I cut down on apparel and CDs. Now I only keep vinyl, posters, and small merch accessories that are easy to store.

I’m sure there are items you have in your collection you wouldn’t part with.

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Definitely! I sold my whole collection in 2013 and I used all the money to go to the Orlando themed parks for 10 days. I rebuilt my collection and sold it last year again.

It’s a lot of money to have it stored.


Ive thought about it myself but then I realize how precious this stuff actually is and worth more than money to me.

Has crossed my mind from time to time. Although the ball ache and most of my stuff being sentimentally more valuable than the financial value I’d get for it puts me off ever doing it

Yes, but you’ve also sold quite a bit to cover bills.

In respect to that, I’ve thought about the same, but for home improvement items.

I feel this at times. I went through a bunch of merch and sort of listed some of the shirts I dont wear or that don’t fit my brother any more on depop, etc. However, I bough some magazines a fan was selling so im no good I definitely am not helping my own case of wanting to go a little more minimalistic.

As happy as I’d be to become more debt ridden to fulfill my collection… In my mind you should look at every item, listen to it whilst you look at photo or video memories you have a connection with the particular item. And think to yourself ‘even if I do replace this item, will I feel the same way with it?’
As you can tell I am far too sentimental. I sold a STS vinyl to a friend at my purchase price ($115) because I had purchased an unopened one as well. Later I decided I needed one to be framed upon signing and one to listen to. I bought another one that needs repair to the right, upper edges of the outer sleeve. I figured I could do minimum repairs to the sleeve and everything would be alright. I regret not having my old one, my first one. And of course paying $200+ for one with a outer sleeve crease tear. Think about it. Is your car worth more than your AFI memories? xD


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@Cher_I_Despair & @Pablo
Thank you for helping me add to my collection, everything you two have sold me has been kept in proper sleeves, and is kept in the proper condition. All vinyl will be cleaned before I move in a few months.


I don’t think about letting go, but I think about just stopping. At this point, I’m only interested in the early EPs on vinyl. I look daily on eBay and Discogs and have been for about 2 years in the hopes that a dork or something rare pops up. I search hashtags asking if people are down to sell, but still no luck. So yes, I think about stopping too, but what if I stop and I miss one…?

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I know this thread is really old but… Don’t do it!!! I sold a bunch of stuff in 2010 because I was moving abroad for a while and I’ve always regretted it. Especially since I’m now buying back pieces at 10x their original prices.