Where We Used To Meet

Any thoughts on what the short film will be? I haven’t seen a description anywhere yet.

Pretty cool that AFI are doing a project like this, a lot of the songs on Bodies sound well-suited for soundtracks. I wonder if they’ll be aiming to do more soundtrack projects in the future, like Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross?

I haven’t seen a description either, but I’m intrigued by the teaser and I’m sure it will be fantastic! I am so looking forward to this, I haven’t done anything fun in a long time!

I wonder if it will be some kind of loose follow-up to Clandestine, in some way? I know that’s pretty unlikely but it would be so interesting to see Clandestine part 2 nearly 20 years on. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing the stream next week!

Gosh, I haven’t watched Clandestine for years… Kinda feeling inspired to watch it again right now! :black_heart:

I caught the movie on the UK/Europe stream last night. It wasn’t my thing so much, although it was absolutely beautifully shot (and being from England myself, it felt very typically English). I think a lot of the music from Bodies works so well for soundtracks!

I was watching the Asia/NZ/Aus stream. It was definitely gorgeous visually, and the soundtrack worked so well, though I would say it was maybe a bit literal in its interpretation of the lyrics (of course that’s probably just my opinion). Overall I liked it, but the highlight was definitely the Q and A. :grin: