Which one do you think is worth more?

Black/black Sing the Sorrow CD SEALED


Black/black Sing the Sorrow CD w/ booklet inside signed by whole band?

I’m considering selling… possibly even both copies… really not sure if I wanna part with both though…


That’s a tricky one, is it possible to look up sales histories on Discogs? Might be worth looking into, although I’m not sure if you’d get that level of detail or just a price range of previous sales.

I would think the one with autographs is worth more, especially to a diehard fan.


Yeah, I suppose that goes without saying. Out of all of the AFI items I’m selling… I gotta say, letting my black/black STS copies go is very hard. I may need to them or at least one of them…

I agree - the signed copy would be worth more. A sealed mint is going for $125 lately: https://www.discogs.com/sell/history/1566113 Hard to say how much more, but reasonable to say whatever the diehard fan market will bear, as BlackRabbit indicated…

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Yeah, I’m debating… it’s a touch decision.

Basically trying to decide if I wanna keep one or sell both… framing the signed one is SO EXPENSIVE with how I’d want it…

It’s a tough call - for the signed one, if it’s your only signed thing (I’m thinking it’s not!) then that’d be a deciding factor; otherwise, depends how much it means to you! Same with the mint sealed - they only pressed 2500, but could gauge by if you own something else of a run that’s fewer, if you prefer to keep the more rare item.