Who is going to the show at the Forum?

I am so excited. Sad to see this is the final time playing this album but so excited!!


Won’t be the last time they play any of the STS songs, just the first and last time they play the whole album in it’s entirety. I’m hoping I can get tickets to go!


I’m very excited!! Hoping to land a presale code and get in on it!


How are we supposed to get the presale code? :slight_smile: does anyone know?

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It’s going to be so fun. Can’t wait. :blush:

Does anyone know how they are gonna send out presale code

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They have never played the album in it’s entirety? What do they leave out but home is no where? Or this time imperfect? I remember when the album came out. A friend went to see them perform this album

I am also hoping to find a presale code. Presale is tomorrow so we shall see

@afiheadquarters have posted on insta saying the presale code hasn’t gone out yet but will be emailed to DF before presale starts tomorrow.

I’m hoping to go, will be travelling from the UK but it depends on ticket prices. Unfortunately it looks like they’ve decided to use this ridiculous “airline pricing” model via Ticketmaster, so prices depend on demand.

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If i can get tix, will absolutely fly in from Florida.
This album was a game-changer for me.

Im definitely going to try

Ya’ll we cant let scalpers get the tickets. Please share the pre sale code here or on the reddit page!

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I can’t believe I went to the sing the sorrow tour back in '03. I’m definitely going to the Forum show. I really hope I receive a pre-sale code for tomorrow. I’ll be at the austin show in Nov.

I hope real fans get the presale code. I would hate for all these scalpers to take up most of the tix. If anyone can get the code and dm. I just need one ticket!

Has anyone gotten an email yet. I’m gonna lose sleep over this haha I can feel it.

Who has this version?


what is the code yall