Who named the DF?


UPDATE: go to the DF packages archive. This mystery has been solved*

I remember when this happened as I was deep into things during this time still… I know it was a male, but I don’t remember his name.

It was also during the Fall season when they asked for fans to submit names on what to call their “fan club”. To this day, I am not proud of the name I submitted for the club… because my name sucked. It had the word “Fall” in it… that’s all I’ll say. It’s kinda embarrassing… :slight_smile:

Anyway, who else remembers this?


… seriously, no one remembers this? @_tonibell @Snobgrass @dnlkdwll @Catchingahotone @Ophelia



@STORMS Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to join the Despair Faction yet, but I intend to remedy this situation if they ever open it up again… until then I’ll just walk into the raging sea saving three tears for AFI and dance in misery. :wilted_flower:


Yeah, I wish I knew more about what is going on with the DF… clearly they would get more memberships if they opened it for the Blood Tour.

In retrospect, the AFI site looked so much different back then… it was around 2000-2002 when the DF shaped and was named. All I remember is you could submit a name to call the fan club. It was then later revealed that the fan club would be called the “Despair Faction” and I recall it being a male who’s name they had accepted.


Sorry! I meant to respond earlier, but I’ve been swamped at work. I vaguely remember it; it’s tucked between memories of soccer games and switching schools. Umm, I don’t think I ever submitted anything for the name, but I do remember them calling for suggestions.


NP I was being impatient. I got some time off work this week so that’s why I’m a bit for responsive… lol.

It was really just a random thought about the DF but the more I thought about it, the more it made me wanna make this thread.


My life at work is a joke right now; like the stress is making me sick. Anyway, yeah, I was so young at that point, that everything blends together, and I can’t remember the name. :frowning:


I can only remember Alli, Gavin, and Fritch :blush: :heart_eyes: as moderators from the old school board days. I was doing some digging and found an old board still up, but not active. Alas, I don’t remember my log in for it but here it is: board.afispace.com


Gavin told me he hasn’t worked for AFI in years and said the old boards would likely NOT return as they were. With that being said, I’m glad I didn’t wait a day longer to launch these forums.

Yeah the afi space forums are still there, but not active. Plus, like I’ve said many times… these forums (WeAreAFI ) are super mobile-friendly.


I’m glad you started them too! I was never very vocal before, as I would get ridiculously shy about everything so I didn’t have a strong presence on any of the boards. I was hoping to somehow reach out to older mediums and news to find who named the DF…slow day at work yesterday!


They did make available despair faction memberships with the blood album if you bought the t-shirt/album bundle from their website.

Here’s the card.


For a limited time, I’m guessing???


Sadly, I think they’ve really just done away with the Despair Faction as it used to be. It seems to only just be nothing more than a title now. I really believe this is because they’re just so…removed from their fans compared to back in the day. Their followers had always been sort of cult-like I guess, even as late as Decemberundergorund, the band has this feeling of “otherness” around them and the Despair Faction was meant to be a community surrounding them, not just a fanbase, but more a secret society. At least that’s what it always felt like to me. I never had a chance to join, I was too young and my fandom mostly had to be kept secret because my parents were ultra religious fanatics and I would get in trouble for listening to them. I used to post quite a bit on the boards though. Waaay back. I used to know the guy’s name who named it, and I remember reading something about how he got something a little extra special from the band, but I can’t remember what it was.


Well, as long as you all make THESE forums keep their purpose, I only intend to keep them going. So far, they’ve been successful because of fans like you.