Why can't we have DF boxes again?

This is what came today. I have no issue with the items inside. I just wish the simple niceties of the DF boxes would return, or something like it.

  • I’d like the old DF boxes to return or something like it
  • It doesn’t bother me. I’m happy!

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More than just a tee and 1 or 2 accessories would be nice too.

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Especially if the DF is growing… no reason not to. I speak from recollecting memories of receiving the old bundles… truly a unique experience.

No reason why Warner Music Group cannot accommodate AFI fans. If CinderBlock could do it and do it damn well… WMG should have no issue. (ArtistArena, etc)

Hell, even GroundCNTRL did it better. That Burials box they sent was AMAZING.

Also, I wanna make it clear that this is not a complaint about the package, but a concern about the care and personalization of the “details”. Did I word that right?

On another note, I love the shirt and the pin. Chances are I won’t use them much. More like they will be added to my DF collection. :slight_smile:

This is only the second DF package I’ve ever ordered, my first being from the Burials era. I was kind of looking forward to seeing if it came in a special box, so I do feel a little disappointed seeing this. However, when it does come in the mail tomorrow I’ll still be happy to have it.

By the way, @STORMS, I might have a chance to take a few pictures of the Burials box this weekend if you’re still interested in that. I’m not sure how I feel about letting it go, I like to use it to store my small AFI collection.

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Lack of patch is also a little disappointing. I wouldn’t do anything with it but patches have always seemed like a staple to the packages.

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I don’t know that I would really quantify this latest offering as a ‘package’ outside of it technically having slightly more than one item in it. As such and given that it’s just a shirt, a pin and the same card as last time, I don’t think it’s hugely surprising that it hasn’t come in any fancy packaging.

The earlier packages all contained about 7 items in it plus the box itself! For me this has just been an opportunity for to sign up people that missed out last time on the larger Blood package and more specifically - for those who missed out on getting a card.

The debate goes on as to whether being a DF member is actually that beneficial these days - especially for those outside of the US. I personally feel that as a fan who has spent spent so much on AFI over the years (as I know many of you have done as well) that it’s ok to be honest if you don’t like something that AFI have released and not to immediately buy it just because it has AFI printed on it.

I feel that the t shirt design is poor, quite frankly and as a ‘package’ massively disappointing compared to previous offerings. I would much rather use the money to collect older items with better designs.

I think it would be better if they had just waited till they there was another album out then maybe more thought could have been put into the design and what was included in the overall package.


I only have the Blood package and waiting to get this bundle…I was expecting a different card…but whatever…I also was expecting the package not being that plain…it might be as you say…just to get new people to sign up for the DF…

To be honest I was expecting a little bit more of the DF…like stickers once a while…an email with some photos regarding news about AFI…or something like that…although I have never been part of a fan club before…

That said…sadly I will keep purchasing upcoming packages :frowning: So I hope they do something about them…

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They keep having the same guy design these shirts and they’re so terrible. His prints are good but his shirt designs look so bad. I keep buying these packages because AFI (also really wanted the pin from this package) but all of the shirts are still in the plastic. They need to upgrade their artist.


I know packages like these are a money grab, no shade, but if they really want to make easy money then they need to release more vinyl. It’s been almost 9 years since the last 7" single. I miss those.


I think the tshirt designs during the Crash Love era were poor. Very plain. Linas designed the Missing Woman shirt. I’m a fan of it but I understand the frustration with designs. My wife has even stated that the art during 00 and 03 was stellar.

However, my main gripe is over the DF box but I think it’s very fair that the subject also brought out other concerns about the package.

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I love the burials box. Actually felt like some effort went into that one

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I’m sure the community has some incredible artists. They should do a comp and then commission the winner to produce the art for some shirts

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Yeah, definitely. I like your idea about commissioning artists… that probably wont happen though. The next time they do artist designs will be their 30th anniversary.

Didn’t they do that for a gig/tour poster recently?

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Yes, sir. :slight_smile:

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