Why no AOD anniversary bundle?

So I got the e-mail about an anniversary bundle for 21 years of BSITS - but haven’t heard a word about the 20th anniversary of Art of Drowning. What’s up with that? Anyone know of anything in the works? It’s my favorite, so I’m kind of sad to see it be passed over on its 20th anniversary :frowning_face:

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They’re probably saving it for September 26. Seems like AoD songs got a lot of action on the last couple tours (more than any album other than StS, probably), so it would be surprising if they didn’t give it some kind of recognition this year.


What was in the DF email. I didn’t get it :sob:

Contest entry to win the BSITS merch from last year plus a link to buy new merch like a towel and some shirts

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Ah cool. So not missed too much then. Will chase them up to make sure I’ve not been dropped from the mailing list again.

damn i didnt get that email. I need to double check my notification settings.