WTB AFI LPS/Promos/Singles/Test Pressings/Etc


Hey guys, I have a massive AFI collection, but I am always looking for odds and ends I am posting my discogs wantlist. I’m open to anything you have, so even if you can’t tell if it’s listed or not, I would be open to hearing what you have.


Some of my top wants:

AFI/Heckle on white
Eddie Picnic Black Original
Grey Boxset
GNG French Promo

If you’re curious what I have in my collection: My Collection

I appreciate any offers or messages! And for the record, these are going into the most loving home that could be asked for.


I’ll look at this when I’m on my PC but I’m anxious to see your collection. The only way I’d be able to help you out is with the 336 vinyls - I have two extra. Otherwise, I’ll likely gawk at yours. :slight_smile:


If you’re looking to part with one of those copies, I’d gladly take one! Let me know. :slight_smile:


So much of your wantlist is super rare. Good luck on your search!