You can order the Blood Album Pendant!


That’s amazing. Such a cool thing to get. Congrats!

And sorry if we came across bitchy! We were just joking.


Wait… we were? :grin:
Also, happy early birthday @Ophelia !!:birthday:


Shhhh…I’m trying to make her feel better. LOL.


MOTHERFUCKER. THERE ARE VARIANTS??? Why does that not surprise me… LOL.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Ophelia !!! :smiley:

You do realize that we’re all looking for you, right? :wink:


@STORMS yes, everyone here is so wonderful :grin:I am so happy I found other people who care equally as much about AFI as I do!
Also, we have over two months until my birthday so there’s still time to find a reasonably priced CRASH LOVE pendant :heart:
:heart:️ Thanks folks :heart:
:wink:I’ll be sure to share a picture of my Blood Tour 9:30 Club Artist Proof poster too once it comes in the mail. I think I’ve bought myself almost enough birthday presents now, lol. :rose:But seriously, I had “Juliet” (Red Rocks lily girl) so I had to get “Romeo” (9:30 Club roses and daggers) too! :rofl:


I am super happy that you found this site. :slight_smile:


Are you sure there were only 2? From what I recall, the necklaces (like the one in the Medicate video) were gifted to the band and family by Interscope. Then, because of fan demand, they made those cheap ones enclosed in a circle and sold them in the AFI store.


@dnlkdwll I will be happy finding just one circle pendant for sale. I’ve seen people say in several places online that there were two original CRASH LOVE pendants made by the jeweler. Who knows?


I got the “Get Hurt” lyrics pendant! “Promise me you will keep your eyes closed.”


:cold_sweat: Get Hurt is the only one I’m missing!


Got it two days ago. :slight_smile:


Now that I’ve collected these it’s time to collect the CRASH LOVE pendant…


The Aurelia one is pretty sick. Very nice @Ophelia !


Aurelia is the best song they’ve written in a decade. Easily my favorite of the 3 pendants.


I have the Aurelia and So Beneath You pendants. Aurelia is definitely an amazing track.


I’d suggest either not actually wearing these pendants, or buying a new chain as soon as you can, because the chain will rust and discolour in no time…speaking from experience.


I made the mistake with wearing the hell out of my old Nephilm necklace (yes, the one that was listed on eBay for $400).

The only necklace I wear is one my wife got me several years ago; it’s a skeleton key from Zales. It’s quite badass. :slight_smile:


I wore the Aurelia one when I saw them on the summer leg of the tour, but that was about it. It’s a bit too ostentatious for my aesthetic.